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Welcome to a new era of teaching in London.

We are an online teaching institution available in 3 languages ​​(English, Spanish and Portuguese) based in London but with online courses accessible worldwide.


The London School of Design and Marketing - LSDM, is a school specialized in Design and Marketing that proposes to change the teaching paradigm through an innovative and creative training, 100% online and available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We provide a learning experience with practical results through a systematic orientation, combining the vocational characteristics of the students with the advanced design of technical skills. We are committed to offering unique courses accredited online by University for the Creative Arts, through the acquisition of new knowledge adapted to the challenges of the labor market that is increasingly demanding.

London School of Design and Marketing

Where Passion Becomes a Profession


The LSDM courses were developed for students, professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to acquire knowledge and technical skills in the creative areas of Design or Marketing, attending to the latest technologies and innovation with regard to teaching E-learning. All courses are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


LSDM's e-learning is characterized by high quality academic content developed by doctoral professors accompanied by other resources such as videos, infographics, scientific articles, digital libraries and others. All students are accompanied weekly through the Tutor Center composed of a team of specialized tutors who guarantee the assimilation of the contents promoting their interactivity, interest and curiosity. All LSDM courses are exclusively online and flexible, so students can attend classes anywhere and anytime.

Note: LSDM - London School of Design and Marketing is part of Talent - Individuality Through Education , a network of schools with an international vocation with more than 20 years of teaching experience. It has a universe of educators and collaborators prepared to help develop talents in higher education schools in Europe and Latin America.


The London School of Design and Marketing combines your creativity and technical rigor with professional experience, providing practical and dynamic 100% online courses in the fields of Design and Marketing, responding to the demands of the current job market. Courses taught at LSDM are comprised of highly specialized content through the use of advanced learning and assessment programs.


European-level reference school in online education in the areas of Design and Marketing.


We believe that creativity, innovation and the development of technical skills are the foundations of a successful career. At LSDM we prepare students for the most demanding labor market challenges, combining not only the acquired knowledge but also the passion for what they do.


All LSDM courses are accredited by the University for the Creative Arts

(UCA): Degree in Marketing - (BA Hons), Degree in Design - (BA

Hons), MA in Marketing (MA) and Master in Design (MA).

The UCA has about 160 years of history and was considered the best university specialized in creative arts in the United Kingdom, in the Complete University Guide 2018.

It is currently ranked top 40 in the UK and ranked 11th in the ranking of modern universities, ranking 70 institutions. Among the graduates of this University are Oscar winners, filmmakers, animators and fashion designers recognized internationally.



London School of Design and Marketing (PT)

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