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Secure your career. Change healthcare. Choose the best nursing program for you.

New technologies. New nursing responsibilities. New healthcare policies. There have been so many rapid changes within the healthcare field in recent years.

The focus on evidence-based care is apparent. For instance, as of 2013, the American Nurses Association (ANA) requires 100% of nursing managers to hold a B.S.N. or higher to even qualify for their “Magnet” hospital designation. The Institute of Medicine’s “Vision 2020” recommends all clinical nurses hold a B.S.N., and the ACN backs their recommendation. This means that top healthcare organizations aren’t considering hiring clinical nurses without at least the B.S.N. credential. Advanced nursing roles call for a master’s or doctorate level degree.

Like many things over time, the nursing industry has expanded beyond the skills and knowledge an R.N. credential alone provides. To maintain a lifelong nursing career, or to work in one of the many new nursing positions, you need an advanced nursing degree.

Nursing Degree Options

If you’re wondering what program is best for you, think about the responsibilities you enjoy as a nurse as well as what you’re naturally interested in learning. What excites you the most about the field? Select the program that supports your passion.

When you graduate from Nova, you’ll know exactly how you can provide the best healthcare in any setting amidst constant industry changes.

Why Choose Nursing at Nova?

Oftentimes, the core of excellence and innovation is simply a different way of viewing a situation. While we give you a front-row seat to our current research initiatives, we’ll teach you the soft skills and creative-thought processes that make you a favorite — and effective — nursing leader.

We also offer:

  • High-tech simulation labs that immerse you in realistic, clinical situations.
  • Small classes for more personalized learning opportunities.
  • Expert-level faculty — no teaching assistants.
  • Latest educational technology and teaching practices.
  • Full support: Writing labs, 24/7 IT help desk, faculty, financial aid, and academic advisors.


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