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1218: The year of the founding of the university in Salamanca

1940: It is the year of the restoration of the studies of Theology, Canon Law and Philosophy at the UPSA

70,000More than 70,000 students have passed through our classrooms and are incorporated into employment or institutions


In the UPSA you will find spaces that invite study and group work


More than 300,000 volumes, 700 reading seats and access to electronic books and journals


Students, teachers and companies develop projects with a future at the University Club of Innovation


Our commitment to teaching is first

Service vocation

Humanism and commitment to service are part of our way of being


Our teachers are PhDs and most are accredited by quality agencies

University City

A perfect city to grow, full of life thanks to its 30,000 students

World Heritage

The historic center is recognized as a World Heritage Site. An accessible and welcoming city

A magical city

Those who have been here know it. Salamanca 'enhechiza will return to it'.


The site chosen and solar by Queen Margaret of Austria in what was called the hill of San Isidro in the seventeenth century, today Pontifical University of Salamanca is a gigantic structure more than seven thousand square meters. Already, a symbolic and emblematic building in Salamanca urban structure. Imposing stone mole where the beauty of its thinness and its towers not let go unnoticed to the thoughtful and searching eyes Unamuno dedicating his semblanza the now famous ode "high soto of towers".

All one beautiful story to count and see, which takes its inventive start with the trace of the royal architect, Juan Gomez de Mora and following its design, in 1617, it takes place the laying of the foundation stone, Have your sad and dramatic conclusion with the expulsion of the Society of Jesus on April 2, 1767. One hundred fifty years of construction, Avatars and discouragements, pawn forward, expectations and corrections. But at the end, a magnificent building where the aesthetic reading of already defined and finished assembly are allowed to read the stylistic fingerprints marked by the taste and the "air" brought by the times: A calm and herreriano postmanierismo, an advanced baroque, finally, the last rococo aesthetic niceties.

In summary, architectural ensemble in its viewing makes us look for his placid our highly streamlined and geometric order; please here the case of the face shown us on the street Company, where frontalidad the Casa de las Conchas, embracing the stone reredos and its belfry of the facade, they rise up towers Quinones, hermanándose in dialogical rhythm with the cathedral.

Its structure architectural still always surprising sight of all visitor who enters into space and set its cloister, the Baroque intercolumnado enormous expressive force and plastic; cloister unparalleled in the passing of the hours of the day, contact manetiano light, it changes the complexion and color of your stoneskin.

There are many jewels that embraces its structure. First, your churchWhere in his precious altarpiece-Eucharist, plotted in contrarreformista scholar iconographic program, excel sculptures by Juan Rodriguez and Juan Peti; then both cruise with aisles, a whole speech retablística variant, occupying center stage in one Jesus scourged of Luis Salvador Carmona, One of the most beautiful and impressive passionate works the last Spanish Baroque. And next to the Church in the main cloister, the Vita Ignatti, Unique iconographic program 28 canvases on the life of the founder of the Society of JesusExecuted by Sebastian Conca and his workshop; magnificent display in turn the great painter of the eighteenth-century Neapolitan school. But if we speak of canvases, without a doubt one of the untold jewels that houses and jealously guards the heritage of the University they are the two canvases student workshop Rubens, Matthis Musson, paintings by Abraham and Melchizedek and The Clemency of Scipio.

In short, a whole heritage tour you will see and show, from the attractive collection of Royal Portraits, through the unrivaled stucco and plasterwork of the great hall, to delve into the amazing staircase of honor, feted of vitores, eucharistic and Marian paintings passages.

And in this patrimonial count, yes we note two recent findings that have quietly harbored our university spaces. We spoke first of two paintings by Ricardo Balaca, a student at the Madrid school of Federico Madrazo and secondly a unique and beautiful piano French tail mid-nineteenth century copy which, given their high value, both for contemplation as for hearing, It is in the single room Pedraz.

José Palm Sunday Director historical and artistic heritage of the UPSA.

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Masters Degree In Canon Law Forum For Professionals

Online Full time Part time 1 year October 2018 Spain Salamanca + 1 more

The increase in recent years of marriage cases that come before the ecclesiastical courts and the disappearance in almost all the Spanish universities, specific training in canon law, [+]

Program Description

The increase in recent years of marriage cases that come before the ecclesiastical courts and the disappearance in almost all the Spanish universities, specific training in canon law, is necessary to provide quality training for those professionals who wish intervene in these cases.

This own Master of the Faculty of Canon Law, a course-long, fully on-line, is particularly aimed at those professionals (lawyers, solicitors, notaries, psychologists, psychiatrists, mediators and family counselors) who want to balance their working life with specialized studies in canon matrimonial and procedural law.

Training is ensured by the presence of the team of professors from the Faculty of Canon Law, with a long teaching and research career in the subjects they teach.... [-]


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