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OBS Business School is the first 100% online business school in Spain to offer online MBAs and Masters degrees in management that are designed to train executives and business managers so they can lead companies and institutions from a new paradigm of sustainability and innovation.

The online methodology of the master’s degrees, postgraduate courses and MBAs promotes flexible and immediate communication, encourages effective discussion, fosters teamwork and facilitates interaction among all participants, be they students, lecturers or professional guests.

background-header-desktopOBS Business School was set up in 2006 as the first 100% online business school in Spanish. It was founded along with the Planeta Group, the world leader in publishing for the Spanish-speaking market with remarkable e-learning know-how.

The main objective of the School is to train directors and business managers to lead companies and institutions, within a new paradigm for sustainable and innovative management. In order to accomplish this, through our MBA, Master’s and Postgraduate programmes we provide professionals and companies with comprehensive training in all the functional areas of an organisation, which always comes with the flexibility offered by our online methodology. This has led to our two MBA programmes (Executive MBA and Global MBA) being acknowledged by the Financial Times as being among the best online MBA programmes in the world. Additionally, in 2015, for the fifth consecutive year, we were recognised as the best Spanish online business school by the "Latin American Ranking for Online Training". Moreover, this ranking selected six OBS master’s degrees as the best online programmes in their respective categories:

  • Global MBA, chosen as the best Online MBA
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management, selected as the best Online Master’s in Marketing
  • Master’s Degree in Human Resources, chosen as the best Online Master’s in Human Resources
  • Master’s Degree in Project Management, the best Online Master’s in Project Management
  • Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, the best Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management
  • Master’s Degree in Financial Management, voted as the best Online Master’s in Financial Management

One of the greatest contributions of the OBS Business School has been the development of a flexible methodology that allows students to find a balance between their family, work and academic lives. Thanks to this methodology, registered in the Registry of Intellectual Property, monitoring and completion of studies indicators for OBS have recorded a level of 91%; the average for these programmes according to AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) is not above 60%. In addition, the School offers a double degree alongside the University of Barcelona, Spain’s main public university with over 560 years of history.

At OBS we look to fill the need for continuous quality training without physical barriers, which allows our students to balance their personal lives with the professional development that the contemporary market demands.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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This school also offers:


Executive MBA in English

Online Full time Part time 12 months May 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The OBS Executive MBA stresses the strategic, international and innovative vision of business management, meaning that anyone responsible for a business, or a department thereof, must have a holistic view of the company, understanding that any strategic decision must be in line with the company’s strategy and be implemented in an innovative way. [+]

The changes that the world has recently gone through mean that we have to carry out an in-depth analysis of the new competitive stage and the application of new business models. The increasing and complex volatility of economies around the world and their undeniable interdependence places us in a context that is marked by uncertainty and ambiguity.

Against this backdrop, professionals must respond quickly to change and make the decisions that are most suited to the new needs of the business, without neglecting value creation for the company’s stakeholders.

The Executive MBA (EMBA) in Spanish from OBS Business School has an impact on the strategic, innovative and international vision of Business Management, in that any head of a business organisation, or of a department thereof, should have a holistic vision of the business and the understanding that all strategic decisions should be brought in line with the strategy of the business in an innovative way.... [-]


Master in International Business Management

Online Full time Part time 12 months May 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

In the Master’s Degree in International Business in Spanish, we train you to be a professional with international vision, capable of managing companies on their way towards internationalisation or that operate abroad. A professional that masters financial, strategic and management environments in which international business takes place. With the postgraduate degree in International Business from OBS-UB, you will acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge to successfully face the changes in business internationalisation processes and efficient strategic management, as well as increasing your competitiveness and international employability. [+]

Promoting the use of information technologies, addressing the expansion of operations and changing corporate culture are all essential

The Master in International Business Management is modular in structure thanks to the International Business Management Module and the International Trade Management Module.

Globalisation has given rise to increasingly more segmented and competitive markets, so the internationalisation of companies and their establishment in foreign markets is key when expanding a business. Promoting the use of information technologies, addressing the expansion of operations and changingcorporate culture is all essential.

The International Business Management module trains professionals with an international outlook, who know how to manage companies on the road to internationalisation or who already operate abroad. These professionals must master the financial, strategic and management environments which contribute to building international businesses.... [-]

Master in Project Management

Online Full time Part time 12 months February 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The Master in Project Management is designed to prepare professionals for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. [+]

Online Master for project managers to achieve the skills in leading, planning and supervising global projects

Overview of the Master in Project Management

Current market dynamism and the companies that drive it to give rise to an increasing need to manage multiple projects at once. As a result, at the Management level, it is crucial to know the status of a company’s projects at all times, the scope of the projects the company is considering carrying out and the results of the projects that have been completed. The best way for businesses to do this is by ensuring the quality, skills, and abilities of their Project Managers.

The Master in Project Management is designed to prepare professionals for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. These professionals know how to lead, plan, organize and supervise complex and global projects, achieving set objectives in terms of results and efficiency.... [-]


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