City Business School



City Business School is a new type of business school combining elements of classical business education and the latest educational solutions and technologies. Thanks to innovative services and the best in the CIS Distance Learning System, students of the School get all the necessary skills for rapid growth both professionally and personally.

The business school represents the whole range of programs and courses of business education, including highly specialized areas designed taking into account the specifics of the industry. The practice, flexibility and accessibility of our programs make them a good solution for everyone who values their time and wants to plan their resources themselves.

Thanks to the high quality of teaching materials, the logic of the educational process and the professionalism of our teachers, CBS graduates achieve impressive results in their business activities.

CBS helps you achieve goals quickly and profitably.

Time constantly challenges us. The only way to stay on the wave is to develop and learn throughout your career. The CBS team every day is laid out by 110% so that you receive more relevant knowledge and skills in less time and money, so that you have everything you need to achieve any ambitious goals. Life will not wait, do not stop! ” Denis Isakov, Rector of City Business School


“I was delighted with the training, I really liked the presentation of the material, I received a huge amount of knowledge. I hope to put it into practice in the near future. » Kristina Vasilyeva

“Competent and clear presentation of information and ease of study! Thank you for the opportunity to replenish your knowledge without leaving home! » Alice Ogneva

“I recommend everyone to take this course, as it provides relevant knowledge needed in business, accessible in human language. » Denis Ermolaev

“Thank you very much for such a full and rich course. A lot of diverse and at the same time complex information was provided for the development of emotional intelligence. The techniques proposed in the course really work, and the examples given are often found in life. Very helpful, recommend! » Alexandrina Naydenko123972_rsz_adobestock_20511580.jpg

Corporate clients

The experience of our experts is used by many leading companies in Russia and the CIS countries. Our experience will be useful not only to the giants of the industrial and mining industries, large networkers, but also to medium and small businesses.

Business trainers and experts from City Business School have experience working with companies that vary in size and industry. For each of your problems, we have a proposal for its effective solution!



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