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2 Results in Malta

Pegaso International

Master Malta Ricasoli September 2018

Pegaso International is developed according to the regulations and guidelines of the European Union regarding the education and training field, focusing on the use of new technologies for digital natives who preferably use personal computers, i-Pads, tablets and smartphones; for professional figures who need to improve their cultural level through independent studying completely separated from the standard program schedule; for those who live in isolated regions or who are… [+] disabled and are unable to attend courses on site. Established according to the Maltese Government Bodies by registration n. C71423 of July 13th, 2015, Pegaso International fulfills people’s needs to improve their own social status since a degree represents one the most important keys to access the job market, which would not be possible without an adequate academic qualification. For such purpose, Pegaso International provides online programs and other educational activities through appropriate initiatives in order to deliver them to students and to facilitate relationships with schools and public and private universities, research institutes, companies and bodies in every country in the world. Therefore, its vision is to allow and facilitate access to study programs, the job market and the professional development of workers both in their own country and abroad. “Pegaso International” is promoted and supported by the Multiversity Spa holding, which is a creative, strategic and governing workshop of the Universities belonging to the group and ensures the fulfillment of institutional purposes by supplying the specific, necessary services and tools for the functioning and the achievement of these aims. Strategic Objectives Pegaso International considers four main strategic objectives. Starting a Lifelong Learning project. In an increasingly competitive world, an institution oriented towards work and professions must be based on the development of a Lifelong Learning project. Therefore, a continuous promotion of institutional initiatives must enhance, facilitate and support the learning process over a lifetime, in order to offer different opportunities for updated education to students and workers. For such purpose, Pegaso International implements continuous learning strategies, so as to stimulate the development of a National and International Qualifications Framework to create more flexible learning pathways. To improve the quality and the efficiency of education. All citizens must be able to acquire at least the key skills. A new vision regarding the method of transmitting knowledge through democratization and portability of innovative knowledge and a mission that considers students’ needs is mandatory. The Institution's vision is to create diversified programs connected with the job market which is the starting point to establish solid relationships with universities and the most important educational institutes in the world. These internationalization processes are based on bilingualism in order to facilitate foreign lecturer and student exchanges and to develop international scientific research, able to create self-sufficient study programs. To promote equality, social cohesion and active citizenship. Education policies must guarantee the acquisition of key skills and the development of the main professional skills through the study of coding, languages, economics, entrepreneurship, and must also work to support the updating of education, active citizenship, and intercultural dialogue. In order to connect Pegaso International throughout the region and to capture opportunities and identify its needs, it is necessary to stipulate agreements and conventions with important local, social, cultural and economic institutions. In this way, different opportunities and agreements can be developed to guarantee social and cultural cohesion necessary for Pegaso International to become a territorial benchmark. To encourage creativity and innovation. “Pegaso International” supports the acquisition of transversal skills ensuring the functioning of the ‘knowledge triangle’, education/research/innovation, and spread the entrepreneurial spirit at all educational levels. In order to achieve this goal, “Pegaso International” becomes an active part of the mediation and alliance between business and educational institutions. At the same time, it encourages wider groups of lecturers, which include representatives of the civil society and other stakeholders. SmartCity Malta Strategically situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Pegaso International has its headquarters in the new SmartCity in Malta, the first European outpost of a worldwide network of universities, firms and municipalities aiming to create opportunities to support the economy of knowledge and to serve the European Union and the North-African markets. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and inspired by traditional Maltese architecture, the Pegaso International headquarters are a crossroad of social and economic interests, deeply rooted in a thousand-year-old history and a wide cultural heritage. [-]

Advenio eAcademy

Master Courses Malta Malta Online September 2018

About Advenio eAcademy Established in 2013, Advenio eAcademy is a Higher Education Institution (HEI) based in Malta, (NCFHE Licence number: 2013-FHI-0006) which caters for an international clientele of discerning educational service providers and learners. Advenio eAcademy is a Higher Education Institution (HEI) based in Malta, (NCFHE Licence number: 2013-FHI-0006) which caters for an international clientele of discerning educational service providers and learners. It provides… [+] the opportunity for participating educational institutions and training organisations to move beyond the constraints of physical premises. It allows them to embrace a virtual campus which allows for the development and deployment of state-of-the-art educational and training programmes that really add value to the students. Advenio eAcademy is the first organization in Malta, licensed by the NCFHE whose services are based on online learning. The e-learning platform used is the award-winning EBLearn solution developed and maintained by E-Business Systems, the web solutions arm of AllSecure Ltd. EBLearn provides resource libraries, audio-visual and video presentations, forum and wiki capabilities, and integrates video conferencing facilities to allow for one-to-one or one-to-many coaching or tutorial sessions. [-]