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Rome Business School

Master MSc MA 1-year MBA Italy Rome Italy Online October 2018 + 2 more

Managerial training and research of excellence The Rome Business School is a Rome, Italy, based Institute of excellence devoted to managerial training and research, which operates internationally, with alumni hailing from more than 140 countries worldwide. It aims at contributing to closing the gap that exists between the academic and the job worlds by running managerial training courses designed to transfer the knowledge needed to kickstart or grow professional careers or… [+] business activities. The Rome Business School’s mission is to help entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals reach their full competency potential and improve their ethical approach to both business and work, enabling them to contribute to the development of an economic humanity and of a more prosperous and fair society, one in which the central role played by the individual is acknowledged and valued. The Rome Business School’s lectures can be attended flexibly either on-campus in Rome or from the location of your choice through its latest generation distance learning tool. CULTURAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Based in Rome but active in the whole of Italy and internationally, the Rome Business School gives graduates, professionals, and entrepreneurs the chance to develop their competencies in managerial disciplines based on the best international standards, thus helping them to become competitive in the job, professional and entrepreneurial markets. CERTIFIED QUALITY All the Rome Business School has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification, that recognizes the top quality standards of our training activities. The ISO 9001:2008 accreditation recognizes that our organization implements the quality systems that provide the foundation for excellent customer satisfaction, staff motivation, and continuous improvement.The courses offer the highest levels of teaching quality and a scrupulous care for the participants’ needs. The personalized assistance of expert teachers, the wealth of learning materials and the meticulous checking of the learning progress ensure the maximum effectiveness of the training courses. ACCREDITATION Thee Rome Business School has been recognized by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research) as a research center, and is listed in the National Research Registry with the code 61598 and it's legally recognized and authorized by the Italian Republic and Chamber of Commerce. The Rome Business School is officially registered as a participant organization of the Education and Culture Directorate-General and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission, with the Participant Identification Code (PIC) n. 937625960. MISSION Rome Business School’s mission is to train entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to a level of excellence in their competence and their ethical approach to business and work, able to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair and respectful of the central role of the individual. INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE Rome Business School is an International Institution that has already hosted students from more than 140 countries. Furthermore, Rome Business School is proud to avail itself of an international faculty of primary level, an expression, and bearer of the most modern knowledge about management and entrepreneurship. Rome Business School employs university lecturers, company trainers, consultants, managers and entrepreneurs chosen because of their proven experience and skills. The faculty has a strong multicultural inclination, with representatives from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It will synergistically leave you with a patrimony of knowledge for your personal development. Our selected renewed and highly competent formators are always assessed and rated by students, thanks to our quality assurance system. Rome Business School is developing an International didactic and corporate Network, thanks to several partnerships with business schools, universities, and companies. WHY US An excellent training offer, developed through the careful analysis of the best international experiences, to guarantee you a competitive advantage in the market. A modern training offer: we provide courses on the most advanced managerial trends and techniques, such as intercultural management and business-oriented social media usage. Highly qualified teachers: all Rome Business School teachers are university lecturers, trainers and managers carefully selected based upon their proven professionalism and experience, capable of transferring to the students both a well defined conceptual framework and valuable references to concrete professional practices. Career-service: a set of personalized services designed to help our students to access or develop in the job market (internship opportunities, a CV review, inclusion in our database, job interview management support, networking with companies, managers, and professionals). Alumni network and community: participants to our courses are admitted by the right to the Rome Business School Alumni Network, a network which enables them to remain in contact with all alumni and teachers, to exchange experiences and share projects and professional development opportunities. A loyalty card which allows you to accumulate points and get discounts on our training courses. Unique learning content and study materials: all Rome Business School training courses involve cutting-edge teaching content, in line with the best international standards and constantly updated based on the latest cultural trends. With every course, participants also receive a wealth of documentation and suggestions for possible further in-depth studies. A wide range of flexible study methods, to meet all requirements and make it possible for participants to balance their learning commitments with their personal and professional engagements. Master courses, specialization courses and a rich catalog of short courses designed to meet all your learning needs. Courses can be taken on campus, remotely and in-house. An applied teaching method: all courses include exercises and real-life case studies, which flesh up the teaching and make it truly valuable for the job market. LEARNING OPTIONS The Rome Business School’s courses are taught in English and they can be attended, based upon preference, either On-Campus or Online, with the following options: Full time Lectures are held from Monday to Thursday. Executive Lectures are held on Saturday full-day. Professional Lectures are held on Tuesday or Thursday from 7 to 8.30 pm Distance learning For this option, the Rome Business School employs a cutting-edge online platform, through which you will be able to Follow lectures with full video and audio, interact in real time in audio and video with the teacher and the other attendees and collaborate and share documentation In House, The courses can also be taken in-house - directly at your company, agency, organization or professional headquarters -. [-]

MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management

EMBA Italy Milan France Nantes Reims United Kingdom Edinburgh Spain Madrid China Guangzhou Barcelona Belgium Brussels Glasgow Beijing Germany Munich Toulouse October 2018 + 15 more

A WARM WELCOME Founded in 1979 as a Consortium between the Politecnico di Milano and many Italian institutions and several leading public and private industrial groups, today MIP is a non-for-profit consortium limited company. MIP and the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering together make up the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, which is involved in all the many aspects surrounding research and education in the fields of management,… [+] economics, and industrial engineering. In 2007, the School of Management was initially accredited by EQUIS. Since first joining the Financial Times’ rankings of best European Business Schools in 2009, the School of Management received is on the list with: Executive MBA Full-Time MBA Master of Science in Management Engineering Customised Executive Programs for business Open Executive Programs for managers and professionals. In 2013, the MBA and Executive MBA programs received the prestigious international accreditation, AMBA (Association of MBAs). From 2014, the School is a member of UniCON (International University Consortium for Executive Education), PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and Cladea (Latin American Council of Management Schools). [-]

Unitelma Sapienza

Master MA Italy Rome Spain Spain Online Mexico Mexico Online Australia Australia Online USA USA Online Canada Canada Online October 2018 + 9 more

Mission and history Unitelma Sapienza is the only on-line Italian university that is maintained by a consortium composed of public enterprise and directly linked to the best Italian public university: the University of Rome "La Sapienza", with 130,000 students and a staff of 4,000 teachers and researchers. Unitelma Sapienza, through the use of advanced information technology and methodologies in distance learning, promotes access to higher education, without the constraints… [+] of space, time, providing services to students and workers out of office, who are unable to attend regular educational activities. Teaching, training and research within the campus, combine the necessary economic, managerial and legal knowledge required to manage complex business within the "information society" Unitelma Sapienza pays particular attention to the development of research, in particular within scientific and economic sectors as well as in the management of information technology, with particular attention to theories, models, processes, technologies, and applications for the development of a virtual campus through the Internet in higher education. A special focus is given to tutoring: we have tutors concerned with academic activities and tutors that are mainly concerned with the motivation and the achievement of career goals of the student. Both of these figures are meant to increase interactivity with students for a more cooperative learning. Organization and management The Chancellor who is usually a professor and an eminent figure is elected for a six-year period, serves as the titular head of the University, represents the University, in academic activities and presides the Academic Senate presiding also overall major ceremonies. The present Chancellor, prof. Francesco Avallone has for several years working on research related to stress and organizational well-being. The Senate is the senior academic body of the University decides on academic policy, planning, coordination and evaluation of teaching and research activities and is composed of both faculty members as well as staff members. Legally and constitutionally it is responsible for the academic activity of the University - ie, teaching and research. The University “Department of Law and economics” is a broad-based department that caters to all academic and research activities. producing first-class research across the range of the discipline. The Department is committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Board of Trustees is the corporate body established by Statute with complete responsibility for the government and welfare of the University and all the interests pertaining thereto including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is represented by eminent figures from Italian academic institutions and Civil Society, Responsibilities are: The determination of the major goals of the University and the approval of the policies and procedures for implementation of such goals. The review and approval of the operating and capital budget of the University. Such other responsibilities as law, governmental directives. The University ensures that all of its activities are subject to quality assurance, evaluation, and enhancement through periodical assessments by its main governing bodies. International relations Unitelma Sapienza is committed to enhancing the international level of participation for the University and its student population; in particular: In opening new possibilities for student participation in EU calls for international student mobility through (Erasmus); Improving the participation of the academic and administrative technical staff in EU calls for international mobility of faculty and staff; Developing and producing online activities geared to an international market, also through agreements with third parties; Within this context, the project activities include the inauguration of a section of its website in English language; the activation of training courses offered in English only (Master in International Cooperation, Finance and Development); the production of training courses in two languages (Project Planning and Project management); the English translation of some existing masters ( Neonatology); building a network with prestigious international online universities. In 2015, six teachers and two officials will travel abroad under the Erasmus program for study and research whilst for the second year round small groups of students have already participated in the Erasmus student mobility program. The university will host the international conference on constitutional law Italy-Iberian-American (5th-8th October 2015). The university is chosen by foreign teachers to exchange research (most recent dr. Simona Guerra, Visiting Scholar, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Leicester. The university, finally, in partnership with research institutions and Italian and foreign universities , presented in 2015, the following projects under Community funding: Erasmus Plus KA2 Learn-plus "Distance learning for Knowledge and Entrepreneurship; Erasmus Plus KA3 Diversity 3.0" “Equal opportunity for Equity, Social and Inclusive Innovation" and participates in the project “Bridging the gap between public opinion and European leadership: Engaging in dialogue on the future path of Europe"; The University promotes seminars and study conferences held in the presence and streamed. [-]

European School of Economics

BSc United Kingdom London Italy Rome Milan Florence Spain Madrid August 2018 + 4 more

The European School of Economics (ESE) is a Private Business School offering Bachelor's Degree, Masters MSc or MBA, short programmes at its centres in London, Rome, Milan, Florence and Madrid and online blended courses. ESE graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management. With the ability to individually tailor their course of study, ESE students: … [+] study abroad with ESE centres worldwide; specialise in cutting-edge business sectors, such as fashion, events, music, sport, art, media and human resources among others; complete internships, selecting from more than 1500 leading organisations around the world. A school without borders, the European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. Combining academic excellence, internationality and a pragmatism, the ESE degree and certificate programmes are designed to prepare a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. The European School of Economics (ESE) is a recognised Educational Institution, accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). Educational Philosophy The European School of Economics has envisioned the birth of a new mankind, for the creation of individuals free from prejudice and fear, and capable of harmonising apparent, age-old antagonisms between economics and ethics, action and contemplation, and financial power and love. The ESE bachelor, master, MBA, and certificate programmes aim to prepare international entrepreneurs and managers with the cultural awareness, abilities and moral qualities most needed in the world of contemporary business. This is achieved through the unique ESE educational philosophy: “The Dream is the most real thing there is” - students develop a unique academic and professional pathway through their selected course specialisation, internship placement, and final dissertation Pragmatism - hands-on experience in contemporary business practice through the comprehensive internship programme Internationality - student body originating from more than 60 nations, ESE centres around the world, and internships with global organisations. The European School of Economics is a new concept in higher education. A college of international business, the scope of an ESE education extends beyond a thorough preparation in the principles of economics, management, marketing or finance. The objective of contemporary colleges and universities should be the development of each individual, through a system of vital ideas, for the preparation of a new generation of visionary leaders. ESE Values Behind every human achievement, at the origin of every intuition, of every scientific or social conquest, behind the world’s largest financial and industrial corporations, and all that is beautiful, useful, wealthy, there is invariably one man, an individual and his Dream. Only individuals can transform society. Only individuals can dream. ESE’s mission is to create a new generation of young entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, visionaries, pragmatic dreamers. To achieve such an aim, requires more than good programs and good teachers. ESE is a system of vital ideas and prepares its students to be the new cells of a healed humanity, free from conflictual thinking, superstitions, prejudices and obsolete ideas, cultivating in themselves an indomitable passion for greatness. The life of an organization, the future of a nation, of an entire civilization depends on the existence of these men and women. The heads of future organizations will be philosophers of action. These people are more precious than gold mines and oil fields. They will bring success and longevity to the enterprises of the world. We embrace the idea that to forge them, academic excellence has to keep up with developing their individual human potential, and that developing intellectual capacities has to go along with creating a true internationality and sound operative skills, both gained in the field, within the leading companies of the world. The success of a man as of an organization is determined by their philosophy. Therefore in ESE is clear that real education is not simply the teaching of notions and development of skills but above all the transfer of the unique philosophy of the School, of its ideas and founding principles. ESE provides an approach to business and a wide vision of life through a process of intellectual, artistic, political, ethical and socio-cultural exploration, centered on self-discovery and work on oneself aimed at integrity. Neither knowledge nor education, wealth nor social standing can pave your way to success but rather your own self-knowledge and integrity. The evolution of every business, from the local corner shop to the giants of international industry and finance is their conscious transformation into a ‘School of Being’. Their aim and real business objectives will be the evolution of all people directly participating, and stakeholders. Corporations and organizations of the future will be places of aspiration and personal improvement where workers and staff will leave at the end of the day with a greater sense of understanding, happiness and responsibility, and where even the remotest cells of the organization will be taken care of in order to evolve and accelerate their progress. [-]

Milan Fashion Campus

Courses Italy Milan October 2018

Milan Fashion Campus Study Abroad Fashion Design Prepare your fashion career with an Italian fashion experience. Intensive Short & Part - Time Fashion Design Courses - Open courses during all the Year, entrance every Monday. Discover Fashion in Italy! You won't be able to experience it without FEELING it Since 2003, Milan Fashion Campus aims to spread the Italian fashion culture using the Internet. Our Fashion Courses will help the students… [+] to improve their personal fashion taste and acquire the unique Italian style. The founder of Milan Fashion Campus is Angelo Russica, who was born and raised in Switzerland with Sicilian origins. After his fashion studies in Milan, Angelo Russica made his first steps into the fashion world assisting Giorgio Correggiari, where he met Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (DOLCE & GABBANA). He had to leave for military service for one year. Once he came back he worked with the Italian company Barbas (Menswear Collection), after this he had one of his most exciting professional experience: He began working as an assistant designer for GIANNI VERSACE. He worked for 5 years participating in Women's Wear and Menswear collections: Genny, Spazio, and Versus.After this experience, he left Italy for 4 years for Spain: Here he worked with Induyco – El Corte Inglés in Madrid. Once he returned, he started working as a consultant for Gruppo Marzotto, Miroglio Vestebene, Gruppo MAX MARA, also in Japan with one of the most important apparel Maker World Company, King Company. During his years working in fashion, Angelo frequently picked up a big disappointment from young people who attended renowned fashion schools: Unfortunately, students realized that after three years of study, they had just spent a lot of money, had no solid knowledge and often graduates did not even have the possibility to do an internship. Angelo realized that there was so much to be done, so consequently, he founded Milan Fashion Campus with the purpose of giving young people the chance to learn about the world of fashion design without spending a fortune, with personalized assistance and feedback, while giving contents with a practical and real point of view: work as is done in a professional environment. This international experience allowed him to build up his career as a design consultant and finally into education. Milan Fashion Campus continually works in developing and building up intensive courses that can allow the student to reach their highest potential, without being economically challenging.Our school aims to achieve excellence from its students, teaching them how to build up a collection, create fabric and color stories, do research on garment details, that can turn them into a unique piece, how to complement the creative side with the use of computer software. How to work on the craft and innovation while creating a fashion collection, from concept to planning and execution.Milan Fashion Campus works on flexible programs, focusing contents to the student interests, with small classes and personalized service and attention, the student gets constant feedback on their tasks and work, in order for them to improve their technical and creative skills, to develop a critical eye in their creative process. Our environment is international, as we have students from all over the world, from Iceland to Nigeria, this also allows an intercultural exchange, in which, our attendees will expand their vision of the world, experience new cultures that will affect their design aesthetic as also the Italian Fashion environment they will be immersed will. [-]

UVirtual - GMU Universidad Guillermo Marconi

Master Italy Rome October 2018

The Guglielmo Marconi University Is the first online Italian university to be accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and the first and only Italian university accredited in the United States. With more than 14,000 students, Guglielmo Marconi University is involved in significant research and innovation. It looks beyond the traditional learning environment, promotes the use of innovative methodologies by combining advanced technological solutions with traditional… [+] activities such as lectures, workshops and seminars. The University strives for its values ​​and mission to meet the needs of all students by offering a variety of pre and postgraduate study opportunities with flexible schedules, continuous enrollment, online classes, virtual labs and simulation. Our research activities are supported by well-equipped laboratories, our production office for Cinematic Arts and Marconi Studios, where students can apply their knowledge and obtain a practical training experience. Educational model 100% online The educational model is 100% online and is implemented through a modern virtual campus. All activities can be done from anywhere with just having access to the internet through a computer or mobile device: Each student can choose the best time to study without neglecting their daily activities. Once connected to the campus, students have access to digital resources to study and tools to communicate with their teacher or peers. All student progress is evaluated directly through the virtual campus. IPad as a study tool Each student receives at his home a state-of-the-art iPad as a study tool. The iPad allows you to conveniently connect to the campus and access various eBooks carefully selected by the teachers and other resources needed for the courses. Evaluation To guarantee the quality of the programs, the student is evaluated weekly through different activities: View Forum Posts Students discuss topics or analyze actual case studies posed by the teacher. Chores Each task is personally qualified by the course teacher. Online exams The exams are automatically qualified by the virtual campus so the student can know their successes immediately. International Teachers All teachers have specialized academic training in the area of ​​each course, extensive work experience and international trajectory. In each course there are videoconferences with the teachers, in which the study is facilitated and the doubts of the students are solved. Continuous follow-up and support The educational processes fulfill rigorous standards of academic quality and the students count on a permanent follow-up and support to their learning process, carried out by a team of specialized professionals from the Center of Attention to the Student. [-]

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Master Italy Rome October 2018

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, established by the decree of the 15th April 2005 of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, delivers academic titles having a legal value in Italy, Europe and in the Mediterranean Countries, for first-cycle (bachelor) degrees, specialisation degrees (master), doctor’s degrees and master’s degrees. In the International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO distinguished lecturers of important universities wor… [+] ldwide deliver their courses in the Internet-based real and virtual spaces in Italian, Arabic, English and French.A dream that has come true: with the UNINETTUNO you can attend your University from wherever you are with no more limits of space and time. History UNINETTUNO takes origin from the training model of NETTUNO - Network per l’Università Ovunque, a consortium of 43 Italian and foreign universities with which, since 1992, thousands of Italian and foreign students obtained a distance university degree thanks to television and the Internet. At present, many of these universities put at UNINETTUNO’s disposal physical facilities such as laboratories for conducting research work and training activities, libraries, halls equipped with PCs and classrooms to organize face-to-face exams sessions for the students. UNINETTUNO takes origin also from the international success of Med Net’U (Mediterranean Network of Universities) Project, funded by the European Commission in the framework of the EUMEDIS Programme, aimed at realizing a Euro-Mediterranean Distance University. With Med Net’U it was established a network of 31 universities of 11 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean Area (Algeria, Egypt, France, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey). The development of Med Net’U from project to the system was supported by the Governments of the partner countries. Actually, on the 29th January 2006, in the framework of the Catania 3 Conference for the realisation of a “Euro-Mediterranean Area of Higher Education and Research”, 14 Ministers of Higher Education of several Mediterranean countries, undersigned a joint declaration by which they stated their goal of strengthening the distance learning system of the Mediterranean countries, by expanding the results attained through the Med Net’U Project. The strength and the process of growth of UNINETTUNO are unquestionably represented by the fact that it rapidly succeeded in acquiring a significant role at international level by concluding agreements with the countries of Europe, the United States, Latin America, Cina, Russia, Georgia, and Iraq. Very important agreements were undersigned with countries of the Mediterranean area, in particular with Egypt, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia. How to study The entire teaching and learning process takes place on the Internet. In the portal there is a dedicated area: the Didactic Cyberspace, where teaching and learning take place in five languages: Italian, Arabic, English, French and Greek. The Internet-based learning environment transfers directly to the student’s desk: lessons, multimedia products, databases, exercises, evaluation and self-evaluation systems, online tutoring, forums, chats, thematic wikis. Learning environment In the Appointed Teaching Professor’s Page and in the Tutor’s Page are included the Learning Environments where you can find the Educational Materials that represent the course contents: Video LibraryThe digitized video lessons are the starting-point of the learning process. Each digitized video lesson is structured into several issues and is indexed in order to enable the student to follow the whole video lesson or to select the issue he wants to study more depth. Each subject is linked in a hypertextual and multimedia way to essays, books, exercise texts, virtual libraries, lists of websites (links to websites related to the subject that were selected by the professors and tutors). Online exercisesThis section includes online interactive exercises linked to the topics treated in the video lessons. Virtual laboratoryIt is an environment in which the student integrates theory with practice through a “learning-by-doing” process. [-]

City Colleges - Online Learning

Diploma Ireland Ireland Online United Kingdom UK Online USA USA Online Australia Australia Online Canada Canada Online Germany Germany Online France France Online Singapore Singapore Online United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Online Italy Italy Online Dublin September 2018 + 17 more

Welcome to the College of e-Learning at City Colleges At the College of e-Learning, we offer the same City Colleges courses but in an online format. Students enjoy the benefits of world-class online resources, the best and most up-to-date study materials, and a relentless commitment to personal attention. City Colleges’ College of eLearning represents a completely novel approach to third-level professional education and examination preparation on the web. Many of Ireland’s lea… [+] ding lecturers in the areas of Law, Accountancy, Media, Entertainment & Journalism, Business, Computing & IT, the Arts, Criminology, and Psychology have come together to offer students a different kind of educational experience, one where the learner’s needs are paramount, and his or her expectations are constantly surpassed. How it Works E-learning is proven to be a highly effective method of instruction. It has provided millions of learners with invaluable opportunities to progress their studies in a convenient, more affordable and efficient manner. A report commissioned by the US Department of Education (Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning (2010)) found that “classes with online learning (whether taught completely online or blended) on average produce stronger student learning outcomes than do classes with solely face-to-face instruction”, and “.. that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” Taking a course with the College of eLearning at City Colleges couldn’t be easier. You will have access to the full complement of lectures (live or recorded – the choice is yours), exceptional course materials in downloadable format, and personal, one-to-one support from your course tutor. [-]

eCampus University

Bachelor's Italy Milan

eCampus University is an accredited online University as well as a fully functional university campus offering three different online learning options: standard distance learning, an on-campus residential programme and a combined distance and residential programme (only for non-EU students). WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE - Three online learning methods available to satisfy both European and International students’ needs - Outstanding quality e-learning system offering a personalised o… [+] nline platform for each student - Highly qualified university professors - Personal tutors always available for administrative and academic support - Possibility to live and study in a modern building set in a beautiful location near to Milan and Lake Como In addition to its comprehensive distance learning support, eCampus University is also a fully functioning university campus, offering a complete university experience to those who choose to live in our campus. Our high quality e-learning method guarantees an exceptional learning experience, and offers extensive online study resources and materials. Students have access at any time and in any place to online guidance both in terms of educational support, and for administrative and welfare needs. THE RESIDENTIAL CAMPUS: A COMPOSITION OF AVANT-GARDE ARCHITECTURE Immersed in the beautiful greenery of Brianza, the university campus is located in the ex-IBM centre in Novedrate (CO). It is a composition of avant-garde architecture designed by architect Bruno Morassutti and is made up of 12 adjoined towers of different levels. ABOUT ECAMPUS UNIVERSITY - 5 Faculties - 22 Undergraduate degree courses with 27 different study streams - 14 Master’s degree courses - Undergraduate courses available in English (Engineering, Economics and Fashion) - e-Learning lessons available anytime and anywhere - No compulsory attendance - On-campus residential programmes available - Open enrolment all year round - Maximisation of student’s personal time - Possibility of credit transfer - 24/7 Student support line - Programmes with NO study visa required - Four branches in Italy: the residential campus in Novedrate (Northern Italy),and six separate branches in Turin and Padova (Northern Italy), Rome and Naples (Central Italy), Bari and Palermo (Southern Italy) Novedrate (Como) Campus The main campus of eCampus Online University is in Novedrate (Como). Built in the early 1970s, the building complex was designed by architect Bruno Morassutti, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and housed the IBM Education Centre until July 2003. The structure is located inside the park of Villa Casana, an early eighteenth-century building. The park extends over an area of 150,000 square metres. The buildings have an area of more than 23,000 square metres and include: two main buildings, the first dedicated to management and teaching structures (with 60 rooms of various size, partially with movable walls) and the second one for housing (225 single-room apartments for students and 45 two-room apartments for faculty; the whole can be increased to 500 units); areas dedicated to kitchens, pantries, restaurants and bars; lobby; auditorium; infirmary; warehouses; small buildings for guard use; small buildings used for technical-engineering services. [-]

Istituto Marangoni

Master Courses Italy Milan France Paris United Kingdom London China Shanghai October 2018 + 5 more

Every year over two thousand students from all over the world meet at Istituto Marangoni to pursue a common dream: fashion or design. Here, young talents can find competence, professionalism and long standing experience, in order to become leading professionals in their sector. Four campuses that offer fashion and design courses in Milano, Paris, London and Shanghai, 92 different countries of origin for about 2,400 total students: these are just some of the numbers representing… [+] Istituto Marangoni in the educational sector. This diversity is part of that creative, fundamental and indispensable melting-pot for the formation of new talents with a cosmopolitan approach. Istituto Marangoni Istituto Marangoni was founded in Milan in 1935 as the Artistic Institute of Garments Marangoni. Since then, the idea behind the aims pursued by the Institute has always been the formation of professionals and highly skilled technicians for the fashion system. Over the years, this goal has remained unchanged, but the Institute has grown along with the growth of Italian fashion, constantly updating its formation programmes. Through our pioneering vision, this most ancient Italian fashion school has always been able to respond quickly to the labour market requirements, by training young talents through its fashion courses. Nowadays Istituto Marangoni enables its students to learn fashion and design where the greatest designers work, where taste becomes international and where the best job opportunities are, by offering programmes specialising in all areas of fashion: creative, organisational and commercial and in the design fields of interior, industrial and visual design. International Entering Istituto Marangoni means being part of a special community where the common link always remains fashion and design in all its forms. We have over 2,400 students from 92 countries around the world. Each one of them with their own unique interests, styles and knowledge. Studying at Istituto Marangoni really means becoming a part of the most international student context in the world and being able to profit from the different cultural background of each student. Istituto Marangoni has five outstanding schools in the fashion and design areas of Milano, Paris, London and Shanghai. The Milano Fashion School is located in the bustling heart of the city, close to via Montenapoleone, the new Milano Design School will be located in via Cerva, in the heart of the city, in one of the areas full of the most important national and international design brands. The new Paris campus is close to the mythical place of the opera, the Galeries Lafayette and rue du Faubourg St.Honoré. The London campus is in the east of the city, in the new creative district of Shoreditch. By means of its courses specialising in fashion and design, the Istituto Marangoni offers all its students the unique opportunity to absorb, understand and study ideas and creative inspiration from the many-sided panorama of European fashion in these three different contexts. Istituto Marangoni and Cappellini: together for design. Cappellini has always been an attentive observer of the development of design trends and has been comparing since several years its own Company philosophy with young students and designers with a different and varying cultural background. Milan represents an extraordinary point of confluence of the most interesting new tendencies in the Industrial Design field coming from all over the world. Therefore, Giulio Cappellini, together with the Company’s Creative Team, has decided to participate in the development of the new Design School of Istituto Marangoni, a special project which connects Milan’s industrial culture and the formative activities of the city. [-]