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Atheneum Liberal Studies (ALS) is a pioneer and innovative educational organization, established in 2007 utilising the latest developments in training, information technology and expertise in higher education with a vision to promote scientific knowledge at all levels. With activities and services for students, academics and professionals, its mission spreads in most of the related fields and domains. Atheneum's activities are supported with programs and projects, which range from providing open knowledge resources, telematic and distant learning education and higher education consulting to developing global networks and strategic alliances. Its scope reaches all around the world as it has affiliations with organisations and institutions on a global scale that aim to promote higher education mobility and transnational cooperation.

Atheneum's activities are developed in a manner of utmost efficiency, from the European to the Asian continent, in a constant quest for partners that share its innovative spirit and commitment to the promotion of higher education and knowledge. In this framework, Atheneum is successfully putting to practice innovative ideas and perspectives in all numerous fields of education whereas, it has received an ISO 90001:2000 accreditation for the quality of its services. Atheneum has a global expertise on e-learning educational models and methodology through educational platforms and portals and it has developed a unique e-learning educational methodology based on the education model formulated by the scientific research of its President Professor Kyriakos Kouveliotis. The Model is based on the general principles of Aristotle and Plato combined with all the contemporary innovations of synchronous and asynchronous education using WEB 3.0 tools, bringing together the past and the present and creating a brighter future for education.

Atheneum's latest mega projects include the creation of a WEB Educational TV, Mobile Learning Applications and the creation of a Virtual Campus.

Partnership with Uninettuno University Atheneum Liberal Studies in partnership with Uninettuno University offer internationally the Master of Science in health Management.

Master’s webpage:

The International Telematic University Uninettuno, one of the world's leading Distance Learning universities, announces the New International Edition of the Master of Science in Health Management for the academic year 2017 - 2018, taught entirely online via distance learning in the english language and through the University’ s unique e-learning psycho- didactic model which was received the global award as the best in the world:

The University has also received the award for the best e-learning model in Europe:

Although the University's headquarters are located in the historic center of Rome it has students from 150+ different countries. They are supported by a Technological Network including Learning and Production Centers and Technological Poles based in various countries and cities around the globe from London to India and from Germany to China.

At Uninettuno University, we know how important is to find the right academic institution. our institution provides high standards of teaching in a digital environment that encourages and sustains achievement alongside personal development. That is why we offer this top graduate course designed to equip the students with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience they need for a successful career.

A video presentation of the University and its methodology can be found at the following link:

More information is available at the University’ s official webpage, the only portal in the world where material is available in six different languages:

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