University of New York in Prague (UNYP)


About UNYP

Since 1998, UNYP has been offering the best in English-language higher education in Central Europe, with a focus on Business Administration, Communications, Finance, IT Management, Marketing, International Economic Relations, English Language & Literature, and Psychology. UNYP is the largest and leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic.

Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, and Ph.D. Programs in Prague

UNYP offers accredited Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, and Ph.D. programs in English as an officially recognized higher education institution in the Czech Republic, and in partnership with prestigious international universities in the United States and Europe.

Our students

  • Currently, we have over 800 students from over 60 different countries
  • We have over 1,700 alumni all over the world

Our instructors

  • UNYP has the most diverse and international faculty in the Czech Republic
  • There are 125 instructors from over 25 different countries
  • The majority of our instructors are native English speakers
  • 79% of instructors have a Ph.D. or equivalent, or a terminal professional degree

Our location

  • We are situated in the historic central district of Prague, Czech Republic

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Londýnská 41

Address University of New York in Prague Londýnská 41
120 00 Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Phone +420 224 221 261