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We are high education providers, a driving force that induces motivation in anyone qualified, to gain a further academic career that induces high entrepreneurial spirit and skills, academic research and innovations.

We offer further education towards the award of a doctoral degree, postgraduate diploma, master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, advanced certificates, and certificates.

Bacorg University appreciates value, cares for its students and recognizes their achievements of original research, knowledge and innovations creation that adds to existing bodies of knowledge.

Vision Statement

Quality, growth, wealth and value. We innovate and iterate, we deduce and develop, we evaluate and enhance, we analyze and achieve, we lead with light in the dawn of strategic management benchmarking best practices.


Bacorg University will offer accredited academic programs [Advanced Certificate, Bachelor's, Master's, PhDs, and PGDIP].

Training locations could be local or international wherever appropriate for the training aims to be achieved.

Certificate short course training programs will take 2 to 4 weeks to complete and advanced certificates up to 1 year of training.

A bachelor’s program [e.g. BBA, BSc., etc.] takes up to 3 years to complete, and a master’s [e.g. MBA, MSc., etc.] takes around 2 years to be completed.

Bacorg University [BU] will offer highly competitive scholarships to full-time Ph.D. students for a 4-year period.

Mature students with any master's degree who are capable to finance their own education have a high advantage to admission in a Ph.D. program, the GPA or class does not matter but at least a pass is a prerequisite.

BU will offer Online PhDs, Master's, Bachelor's, and they are research-based no matter the field and they are equal to on-campus PhDs.

Bacorg University will equip you with the theories and enable you to begin your research program, including insight into the necessary advanced analytical tools [i.e. Advanced Excel, Lindo, Lingo, MatLab, Solvers, Adv. Mathematics, & Adv. Statistics, etc.].

Every program requires the completion of a "write-up" i.e. dissertation/ thesis no matter the level, even Advanced Certificate programs.

A combination of online virtual classrooms and on-campus classrooms will be part of the strategies to be used to enhance students' academic tutorials and training.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Online BBA in Marketing

Online Full time Part time 3 - 4 years Open Enrollment Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The Online BBA Marketing program is a course focused on Strategic Marketing Management, Electronic Commerce, Global Marketing, & Management Research. Some of the core courses include economics, accounting, legal environment, mathematics/statistics, information systems technology and advanced excel. [+]

Marketing Bachelor's Degree

Strategic Marketing Management, Electronic Commerce, Global Marketing, & Management Research.

CORE COURSES: 1) Economics, 2) accounting, 3) legal environment, 4) mathematics/statistics, 5) information systems technology and advanced excel, 6) management communication, 7) communication skills, 8) Foundation of Information Technology, 9) Management of Information Technology, 10) Advanced Microeconomics, 11) Advanced Macroeconomics

CONCENTRATION COURSES: 12) quantitative method for business, 13) corporate financial management, 14) e-commerce, 15) web design and multimedia technology, 16)econometrics, 17) investment, 18) market research, 19) strategic marketing management, 20) international financial management, 21) marketing analysis, digital marketing, network marketing, 22) project work, 23) market research, 24) consumer behavior, 25) strategic operations marketing, 26) fundamentals of global marketing 27) Electronic & Service Marketing, 28)Marketing Tools & Strategies, 29) International Relations & International Business, 30)investment, 31) marketing research methodologies and essentials, 32) international financial management, 33) research theory and marketing metrics, 34) market research, 35) consumer behavior, 36) further global marketing, 37) student chooses other 19 extra courses from other programs, 38) thesis proposal, 39) final bachelor’s thesis... [-]


Address Blatenská 2183/19, Praha 4
148 00 Prague, Czech Republic