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Universidad UNIACC

Master Chile Santiago February 2019

The University of Arts, Sciences and Communication, UNIACC, is an Autonomous Private Higher Education Corporation. Its vision consists of being a University recognized for its offer of quality tertiary education in its different teaching and learning modalities -presential, blended and non-presential (full online )-, so that its programs facilitate access to higher education all those who wish to train in the areas of art, social sciences and administration, with an emphasis… [+] on communication, use of technology and innovation.Universidad UNIACC is an institution recognized by the Ministry of Education of Chile and an Institution Not Accredited by the National Commission of Accreditation (CNA).HISTORYToday, the more than nine thousand graduates of Universidad UNIACC are protagonists of the different labor contexts of the world of communication.The genesis of Universidad UNIACC dates back to 1981, when the technical training center called Higher Institute of Arts and Communication Sciences (CFT IACC) was created. It was the first center of higher studies in Chile specialized in the training of professionals for the world of communications.In this way, study programs and careers leading to the training of higher level technicians in the areas of audiovisual communication and advertising were generated.In 1987, the IACC CFT gained official recognition and became the IACC Professional Institute. Thus, in 1989, with the support of outstanding professionals, the University of Arts, Sciences and Communication, UNIACC, was founded.Universidad UNIACC born with the purpose of developing an institutional and academic project committed to the promotion of art, culture, humanities, new technologies and communications.The university began to impart the careers of Journalism and Architecture in 1991.At the same time, it began to develop an institutional management and self-evaluation structure, aimed at systematically and continuously improving its processes, methods and procedures.As the academic project of the university acquired higher levels of achievement and consolidation, new careers and programs were incorporated. In 1993, the institution opened the careers of Psychology, Public Relations, Advertising and Design.Along with the expansion of the academic offer, Universidad UNIACC increased its physical and technological infrastructure, with systems, thematic laboratories and advanced equipment.In this phase of its institutional life, the university strongly promoted international relations, constituting an extensive network of links and contacts with prestigious academic institutions in Latin America, the United States and the European Union.In 1998, the university took a decisive step in the public projection of its academic work, when inaugurating the transmissions of its Television Channel in the UHF band. Channel 34 TV UNIACC was later integrated into a larger university extension project, merging with Radio UNIACC, which started as an internal dissemination experience. Today it has become a broadcaster that transmits 24 hours a day on the Internet, thanks to the work and creativity of the students of the university.The Superior Council of Education, in December 1999, certified the full institutional autonomy of the university, which enables it to grant degrees and academic degrees independently, as of that date.In this scenario, Universidad UNIACC undertook an ambitious reform of its curricular programs, which meant that in the year 2000, new careers and continuing education programs were created, especially designed for professionals inserted in the labor context.Universidad UNIACC IN THE 21ST CENTURYIn 2004, Universidad UNIACC initiated a pioneering process in Chilean education: the teaching of careers and professional programs for online and blended modalities. The career that premiered the system was Commercial Engineering. Subsequently, postgraduates were incorporated and, in 2016, graduates and their Degree Program and University Degree (TLU).In all the courses taught by online and blended modalities, students have incorporated new digital, interactive and multimedia technologies into their learning. The main entry to knowledge is through the eCampus platform, which is also available to the institution's students.In its distance learning programs, Universidad UNIACC has differentiating advantages: track record and knowledge in the development of methodologies and contents specially designed for the modalities; state-of-the-art computational and audiovisual infrastructure; as well as professional experience in multimedia topics.As a result of the international potential that Universidad UNIACC began to develop through online and blended modalities, in 2008 the university became part of the US higher education consortium Apollo Group Inc., through Apollo Global.Today, the university assumes as a continuous process the readaptation and reconfiguration of its Faculties and Schools, together with the incorporation of new pedagogical structures and methodologies.In this way, Universidad UNIACC has established itself as an educational project with almost three decades of experience, integrated into the global network of higher education entities and always setting trends in the different expressions of creativity. [-]


Master Spain Alcobendas Spain Online Mexico Buenavista Chile Santiago Colombia Bogotá Guatemala Guatemala City September 2018 + 7 more

Since 2001 contributing to the growth of Infrastructure, Energy and Engineering professionals Structuralia is a training school specialized in infrastructures, engineering, energy and architecture founded in 2001 by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the large business groups OHL, Dragados (current group ACS) and Santander Central Hispano (current group Santander). Consolidating our international and service vocation, Structuralia has offices in Madrid, Santiago… [+] de Chile, Mexico City and Bogota , as well as a notable presence in other Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Costa Rica. Structuralia has students in 50 countries around the world. Structuralia is an international leader in the field of specialized training in engineering, architecture, energy and infrastructures, in any of the methodologies for learning. We develop, on our own initiative or on behalf of third parties, content-author in collaboration with the highest international experts, currently gathering in our cloister more than 500 authors. Structuralia is a pioneer in incorporating new technologies into its comprehensive training solutions, having developed a specialized catalog of more than 2 4000 teaching hours in formats that integrate interactivity, virtual simulation, 3D developments and audiovisual contents. For all of the above, we train every year, in face-to-face, e-learning and mixed modalities, thousands of professionals (mostly engineers) and workers from more than 300 client companies around the world. What makes us different? Know what has made us leaders of the sector University Degree Programs Structuralia wants you to get the maximum benefit from your training. That is why our masters and superior programs, in addition to continuously adapting to the needs of professionals and companies, provide a university degree accrediting your studies. For each study program, the most suitable university has been chosen for its experience and development in the field that is the subject of the training. Business bonus for on-the-job training All the companies that are quoted in professional training have a "Training Credit" for the training actions carried out for their workers, which depends on what is quoted for vocational training in the previous year and which is recovered through bonuses. Structuralia is an entity inscribed in the State Register of Training Entities and Organizing Entity of the Training for those actions taught by Structuralia. From Structuralia we manage the processing of the bonuses at the State Foundation for Training in Employment (Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment) at no additional cost to all the companies that train with us. The beneficiaries in order to have access to the subsidized training are those workers who pay for vocational training. You must be an active worker hired by a company with a work center in Spain and listed in the General Social Security Scheme. The following are excluded: self-employed, trainees or trainees and officials. Training for companies Structuralia offers its clients different services to provide the solution that your company needs for the training of its professionals. That is why, every year, more than 300 companies around the world specializing in the engineering, construction, energy and infrastructure sectors rely on us for the training of their workforce Our goal is to satisfy your needs with integrity and responsibility, providing you with quality and excellence solutions. Closed Classes: we give courses from our specialized catalog to groups "exclusively" for your company or organization, with personalized monitoring of your group (periodic reports, results measurement, administrative management shared with the client, ...) Development of Multimedia Courses: We develop courses tailored to our content-author or the content and authors of the client. Platform of Formation: For our clients and with door of access in the web of the client. It allows to reproduce in the Internet the environment of a training center face-to-face. Integral Solution: We customize for you our technological platform as a tool for managing your global training project and we design with you your training plan with our contents and contents. Face-to-face training with experts (Latin America only): Specialized face-to-face training in its own offices and with the top international experts in the infrastructure, energy and engineering sectors. Why Structuralia? Discover all that Structuralia can offer you Experience and internationalization Consolidating our international and service vocation, Structuralia has offices in Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Bogotá and Lima, as well as a notable presence in other Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Costa Rica. Structuralia has students from 22 different nationalities. Structuralia is an international leader in the field of specialized training in engineering, architecture, energy and infrastructures, in any of the methodologies for learning. We develop, on our own initiative or on behalf of third parties, content-author in collaboration with the top international experts, currently gathering in our cloister 530 authors. We train, in face-to-face, e-learning and mixed modalities, every year to 8,000 professionals (mostly engineers) of 300 client companies worldwide. Universities and collaborators Guarantees of prestige and valuable employees Structuralia promotes its specialized superior programs in collaboration with universities and institutions of greater prestige at national and international level, maintaining a strategic partner relationship with each one of these universities in each one of the sectors in which it gives service. We also seek the collaboration of entities and reference companies that really contribute value, for the creation and delivery of our training programs. Teacher's office Faculty formed by 530 authors We have professionals with extensive experience and references in each of their disciplines, who are leading some of the largest projects in our field worldwide and are the authors of our more than 400 courses. With 24.8 years of average professional experience, 85% are managers of companies in the sector. [-]

ADEN Business School

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ADEN is an international educational network accredited by ACBSP, whose main activity is its Business School, Founded in 1992. It is focused on the professional development of executives and business managers, both modality as e-learning; and currently it has 26 offices spread across 17 countries in Latin America and Europe. It relies on applied research conducted within the University Senior Management. It also enjoys the endorsement of prestigious American and European… [+] universities to certify their training. It is characterized by the innovation of learning models aimed at the practical application and use of methodologies interactive, experiential and recreational classes by teachers who pass on their vast managerial experience and transfer best practices among companies throughout Latin America and Spain . EDUCATION ORIENTED PRACTICE The pioneer ADEN transfer system is different from traditional business schools, it emphasizes action-oriented learning, applying the theory to the world of business. 26 VENUES in 17 countries Advanced technology training programs with global vision THE BIGGEST BUSINESS NETWORK OF LATIN AMERICA Since its inception, ADEN was essential not only to expand their teaching methodology executives, but also prepare them to face an internationalized world. For this reason he decided to implement an educational network that allows each of its students to gain valuable experiences from other cultures who share the same language. MISSION Form business leaders through an international educational network for the study and application of the most advanced knowledge and management tools, based on a community of executives who promote the professional growth of its members and cooperate with improving the competitiveness of enterprises and development of the countries where ADEN is. VALUES Dignity: consider the person as an end in itself, recognizing its intrinsic value, their freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Solidarity assume the commitment to cooperate, through the educational role and actions of solidarity with the common good of those who live in countries where ADEN is. Consensus / Community: develop a sense of community among members of the group, made up of students, teachers and staff of ADEN Business School. Pragmatism: understand and promote the value of knowledge, theory and truth, with a practical approach, to contribute to the cultural development of the region and entrepreneur. Diversity: integrate and accommodate executives without differentiation of gender, nationality, race, religion, or political or ideological affinity. [-]

Universidad Arturo Prat

Master MBA Chile Santiago February 2019

Arturo Prat University (UNAP) currently accredited until 2017, it is one of the sixteen universities of the Consortium of Universities of the State of Chile and a member of the Association of Regional Universities of Chile, which belongs to the Council of Rectors Chilean Universities. UNAP receives from the Ministry of Education approval for its establishment in 1984; However, its history goes back to 1962, when a group of graduates of the University of Chile proposed, the… [+] then Rector of the House of Higher Studies, the creation of the University. UNAP currently has a headquarters in the city of Victoria, Araucanía Region; four schools and Liaison located in Arica, Arica and Parinacota; Antofagasta and Calama, both in the region of Antofagasta and Santiago, Metropolitan Region. In the internal organization of its parent, the presence of the Schools of Business, Humanities, Law and Political Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture and Renewable Natural Resources. The development of institutional activities is based on the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan and the guidelines of the regional development strategies. Consistent with this, the UNAP is distinguished by having an academic offer adapted to the needs of Latin American through Masters programs in virtual mode of the highest level professionals. [-]

IEDE Business School Chile

MBA Chile Providencia February 2019

Welcome to IEDE Business School, the School of Business at the European University of Madrid, the referent of the graduate business, international, in Chile. Our Business School, of Spanish origin (1991) and in Chile since 1995, occupies Rankings privileged positions in local and international level, characterized by their excellent training and development programs in the business world. Our 7,000 graduates have acquired in our classrooms, skills such as teamwork and mastery… [+] of internationality, allowing them to function in today's globalized world successfully. We are an independent and pragmatic institution, in accordance with the current demands of the business world. Having clear market requirements, IEDE Business School encourages its students and the community, creating networking and international relations. Our students enjoy international partnerships with renowned universities such as University of Lleida, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of California Irvine, Regent University (London) and Sao Paulo Business School (Brazil), in addition to receiving regular, Doctors visit Califoria Riverside University and Westminster University (London), plus the European University of Madrid. 40% of our teachers have academic degree of Doctor or Ph.D, representing eight different nationalities. IEDE Business School has over 150 corporate agreements in Chile, with those companies that rely on our school to train their executives and managers. OUR INTERNATIONAL STAMP In a globalized and competitive in which we live today, IEDE Business School is strongly committed to meeting the needs of all professionals in an international perspective, seeking development and / or improvements of their knowledge, as in their managerial skills for practical application of everyday life. That is why IEDE Business School specializes in training graduate and executive education for aspiring serve in leadership and management positions; giving our students an international and multicultural experience, under international quality standards. This commitment in turn is supported by teachers of different nationalities and the students themselves, that based on constructive discussions exchange their professional experiences, as well as the option to meet cultures of countries with international stays that we make available to all his students, free lectures for updating content, and exclusive events looking to keep updated its graduates. Thus the main objective of IEDE Business School is to ensure that their graduates meet their expectations and achieve their career goals. [-]