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Online PhD Programs in Humanities Studies

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is a culminating degree in most professions. It may take from four to seven years to complete and usually requires a lengthy research project with a written dissertation. Students can choose from a vast array of subjects to study, from the sciences to the arts.

What is a PhD in Humanities Studies? This doctorate degree studies the myriad ways in which people process and record their lives. Therefore, a wide spectrum of subjects come under the humanities umbrella, including religion, art, literature, music, language, history, and philosophy. Students typically focus on one subject to study in great detail. They might take classes in politics, theology, logic, and aesthetics.

While studying for a PhD in Humanities Studies, students can learn to be good organizers, efficient data processors, effective time managers, and thorough researchers. These skills may benefit all facets of life and many different professions.

The cost of enrolling in a PhD in Humanities Studies will be different for each school. The number of credits required, the location of the school, and tuition and fees will all influence the total expense. Each student should compare schools to find the one that best meets their needs.

Because a PhD in Humanities Studies covers a vast array of topics, there may be many career paths open to students who earn one. They might become editors, journalists, or writers. There are education positions as teachers, professors, principals, and university administrators. Businesses often hire humanities graduates to work in advertising as copywriters, market research analysts, and consultants. Students might also work in government positions abroad as embassy attachés.

Students can earn a PhD in Humanities Studies from universities around the world. Some institutions may offer online programs as well. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.