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Program Description

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Scientific foundation for experienced professionals | without a first university degree

Holistic, scientifically and evidence-based, well-founded master's program for experienced professionals in the complementary medicine sector. For those interested who have extensive professional experience and leadership responsibility and want to provide their practical activities with a scientific basis.

Development of key competencies | Master’s Degree through distance learning

Systematic expansion of pre-existing professional competencies and their foundation through the understanding of theoretical, practice-relevant contents and methods with an emphasis on classical and contemporary understandings and approaches in Psychological Medicine. Use of modern communication media in a distance learning format.

Trends and research topics of the future | Psychological Medicine & Mental Health

Dealing with current research and in-depth topics after the required medical basics have been acquired. Critical thinking and the scientific foundation enable the conscious use and further development of knowledge and skills as well as the acquisition of new perspectives.


For whom has this Master’s Program been designed?

The Master’s Program is designed for current and prospective professionals in the field of health care / complementary medicine. This includes medical practitioners, nursing professionals, paramedical staff, alternate healthcare providers, psychologists, pharmacologists, social workers, care workers, and aspiring students from associated disciplines.

Learning the concept of the Distance Learning Program

High Practical Relevance | Innovative Distance Learning | Individual and Competent Student Support | 100% online

The learning concept of MSc Psychological Medicine & Mental Health is characterized by a high level of relevance to practice-relevant content as well as innovative teaching and learning methods. The design as a pure distance learning course means the optimal orientation to the needs of the target group.

The combination of guided self-study, individual student support, and e-learning units offers students the possibility of learning independent of time and place, oriented to their own professional requirements and needs.

The use of modern e-learning components guarantees students interactive learning as well as clear presentation and discussion of abstract content. Interactive Webinars and discussions in virtual space promote the integration of theoretical principles and methods into professional practice. The use of a Virtual Tutorial in the form of an online learning platform enables flexible and network-like knowledge transfer, which can be optimally varied and adapted according to individual learning needs and progress.

The provision of Recordings of all interactive live offers such as Webinars or Online Lectures as well as all learning material in electronic form facilitates knowledge management and asynchronous learning for students in a learning group with different professional conditions and freedom. In addition, this means simpler and time- and location-independent documentation and repetition of teaching content.


Main Program Focus

The content and structure of the Master's program support an evidence-based understanding of Psychological Medicine. Starting from the introduction to the fundamentals about the program, Psychological Medicine contents and competences are systematically imparted, whereby successive modules aim to analytically tie in with the knowledge acquired in the previous module so that they can be integrated for the understanding of the following module.

Depending on professional requirements and areas of responsibility, students develop a sound theoretical basis and associated skills in the field of Psychological Medicine.

Focus Areas

The content of the one-year Master's program is based on the following six focal points:

  • Foundations of Scientific Working
  • Introduction to Mental Health
  • Psychological Interventions for Mental Health
  • Neuroscience
  • Nutrition & Mental Health
  • Hormonal & Immune System

Training focus of the Master's program "MSc Psychological Medicine/ Mental Health"


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The AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH offers modern, creative and innovative distance learning courses and further education in the field of psychology. And this for more than 14 years ... Read More

The AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH offers modern, creative and innovative distance learning courses and further education in the field of psychology. And this for more than 14 years. Online Master's programs with practical relevance and skillful didactics. Exciting, scientific and practice-oriented at the same time. In exceptional cases, professionals have the opportunity to be admitted to the Master's programs without a first degree (without a Bachelor's degree). Read less