Oct 27, 2017 at 12:00am ET By Alyssa Walker

Vodacom, which has been working to lower prices on data and voice plans, recently gave free internet access to 19 of South Africa’s 23 universities, including the University of Cape Town (UCT).

In a recent article in The Sunday Times, UCT vice-chancellor Dr. Max Price said that students and other eligible users would have free service.

He said, “UCT is grateful to Vodacom for providing such an important resource to our students and staff. The service will be very useful to our students as it will enable them to do their work off-campus without worrying about data costs or without having the need to travel to campus.”

Vodacom’s managing executive for the Western Cap region, Alberts Breed said, “This intervention is a demonstration of Vodacom’s core belief that information and communication technology and mobile technology can be utilized to improve and advance learning, address skills development, and help in finding employment.”

He added, “Many learners in our country often cannot afford – and don’t have access to – learning material such as textbooks, which makes excelling at school more difficult. As an investor in the country and an established partner in addressing social challenges, Vodacom’s goal is to contribute to ensuring that learners through the country have access to some of the educational tools to enhance their learning experience.”

Alyssa Walker is a freelance writer, educator, and nonprofit consultant. She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family.

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