UK Universities Look to African Online Market in the Wake of Brexit
December 23, 2016

With international interest in UK’s higher education offerings in jeopardy following the historic Brexit referendum, UK universities are faced with a dilemma: Strategize other ways to attract students or suffer dire, declining enrollments. In response, many higher education institutions are exploring potential new markets, with online opportunities in Africa garnering particular interest, according to Times Higher Education (THE). Let’s take a closer look at the trend, along with what it may mean for the future of higher education on both continents.

Online Education Grows in China
December 9, 2016
The China Online Education Group, widely known as “51Talk”, an online Chinese education platform known for its English language expertise, announced significant growth at the end of its third quarter in September. Let's find out more!

Are Online Programs the Future of Law Studies?
December 2, 2016
Online, distance, and remote degrees are increasingly popular at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. The latest degree to venture into this territory?  Law. The Financial Times recently reported on the birth of a new breed of law degree. Here’s a closer look at what’s a...

The Growth of Online Higher Education
November 29, 2016
The world of higher education is abuzz with online learning.  A recent survey confirmed that more and more universities use online learning in some capacity—and that capacity will continue to grow.  Let’s take a closer look.


December 6, 2018

There are many good reasons to pursue an online degree. However, many people also have a big reason not to: its cost. The good news? Not only are onli...

December 4, 2018

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers “design, develop, test and su...

December 3, 2018

While the desire to learn more about a certain field or subject may drive you to study online, there are many other things you will learn along the wa...