Danish Startup Lets Students Grade Each Other
March 9, 2018
Dreams can come true. Although peer grading has been around since the 1950s, it hasn't yet found its footing. Until now. A Danish start-up has designed a learning platform that lets students grade each other. Let's take a closer look.

India OKs Non-Tech Online Degrees
February 23, 2018
India's online students have a lot to celebrate. Students will soon be able to earn non-technical three-year degrees through open and distance learning programs. Learn more about this exciting development.

Eritrea Celebrates First Crop of Online Master's Graduates in Health
February 9, 2018
The African country of Eritrea celebrated a major accomplishment last month: 15 Ministry of Health staff members received master’s degrees in the fields of Advanced Practice in Nursing and Global Health and Wellbeing. Here’s a closer look at the boundary-pushing development, along with where it ...

Online Tech Courses Most Popular in 2017
January 26, 2018
2017 was a great year for tech—and for online learning. Technology courses were the most popular online courses in 2017, and with good reason. Let’s take a closer look at what people are learning and why.

These Are Bill Gates’ Life-Long Learning Tools
January 12, 2018
Think you’re a lifelong learner? Take a page from Bill Gates’s playbook and check out these exciting resources. Let’s take a closer look.

Will Your Next Degree Be on a Smartphone?
December 29, 2017
Mobile compatibility has been a priority for education delivery. However, as elearning continues to evolve, innovators are moving in a different direction: “ Instead of designing their material for any device, they’re choosing just one,” says ElearningInside News. Here’s a closer look at wha...

Can WiFi-Equipped School Buses Close the Homework Gap?
November 24, 2017
Lack of #internetaccess in American homes has been linked with the inability of students to do their homework. Now, in an effort to counteract this phenomenon, which has been dubbed “the homework gap,” some school districts are taking creative measures. One particularly innovative initia...

How Microcredentials Are Shaking Up Online Education
November 10, 2017
Want to earn credits without earning an entirely new degree? Take a look at the ways microcredentials are shaking up online education.

Mobile Operator Gives Free Internet to University Students in South Africa
October 27, 2017
As online education becomes more prevalent and the need for students to have online access, a major company in South Africa has given 19 of South Africa’s 23 universities free internet access. Let’s take a closer look.

Graduates Use Apps to Transition to Post-College Life
October 13, 2017
Recent grad? Feeling overwhelmed with adulthood? Try one of these apps to help you find a place to live, people to hang out with, stuff to do, and manage your money. Let’s take a closer look.


December 6, 2018

There are many good reasons to pursue an online degree. However, many people also have a big reason not to: its cost. The good news? Not only are onli...

December 4, 2018

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers “design, develop, test and su...

December 3, 2018

While the desire to learn more about a certain field or subject may drive you to study online, there are many other things you will learn along the wa...