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64 Online MSc Programs in Technology Studies Data Science 2024



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Online MSc Programs in Technology Studies Data Science

Getting a master’s degree is a major accomplishment and one that may open a number of professional doors. This degree gives students more in-depth knowledge in their field of choice and takes approximately one to two years to finish.

What is an online MSc in Data Science? This program type puts a balanced focus on both applications and theory. Students get a rigorous curriculum of statistics, applied mathematics, and computer science, with real-world examples weaved into the course content. A variety of courses serve to fulfill the curriculum and may include classes such as foundations of algorithms, principles of database systems, data visualization, statistical models and regression, data analysis and statistical methods, data science, introduction to optimization, and computational statistics.

Those who earn their Master of Science in Data Science often adopt a number of skills as they pursue their degree. Skills such as improved time management, strong work ethic, and enhanced organizational skills may benefit graduates in the workplace.

Earning your master’s degree, whether you choose to study online at a domestic or an international school, has varying costs depending on the college you choose. It is best to reach out to the colleges the student is interested in to learn more about the financial requirements.

The data science field is competitive, but this field has a number of career options that are in high demand. Completing this type of program may make you eligible for jobs such as senior software engineer, senior data scientist, machine learning manager, senior data science consultant, data scientist, data stream processing engineer, and analytics strategy principal.

Earning your data science master’s degree online may help you advance in your career. To learn more about the available curricula, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.