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8 Online MSc Programs in Economic Studies Accounting Accounting and Finance 2024



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Online MSc Programs in Economic Studies Accounting Accounting and Finance

After earning a bachelor’s degree, students may consider pursuing further education in their field of study to try and improve their career prospects. A master’s degree in any field tends to provide a more comprehensive education, allowing students to master more of the core concepts.

What is an online MSc in Accounting and Finance? This degree may explore both the technical mathematical aspects of accounting and introduce managerial courses to students. Courses for this degree could include advanced management accounting, statistics for finance, current issues in accounting, advanced international financial reporting, foundations of finance theory, advanced corporate finance, quantitative finance research methods, financial engineering, corporate governance, financial risk management, and behavioral finance.

After earning a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance, students usually have additional skills they developed outside of the curriculum. Students may have stronger skills in work ethic, general mathematics, and leadership, all of which are beneficial in the workplace.

In general, it takes about one to two years to complete this type of degree online, whether students choose an international or domestic university. The costs vary considerably among schools, so it is recommended that all students contact the colleges that interest them for more detailed financial information.

Accounting and finance careers can be found in a number of industries, such as business, technology, health care, and consulting. This is a competitive field, but those with a master’s level of education tend to be in high demand. Career options students could qualify for may include auditing or accounting clerk, corporate entertainment accountant, criminal investigation accountant, tax accountant, and budget analyst.

Having a master’s degree in accounting and finance has the potential to propel a person’s career in this field. To get more information about the available programs, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.