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9 Online MBA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing Digital Marketing 2024



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Online MBA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing Digital Marketing

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a degree earned by completing a course of study in the field of business. Most programs require two years to complete, although some can be finished in less time. A student applying to an MBA program must first earn a bachelor’s degree.

What is an Online MBA in Digital Marketing? This degree prepares scholars for careers in business marketing using modern digital tools, such as online advertising, specialized apps, social media marketing and content creation. Students in this program can make an impact using their creative talents while developing their business acumen. Classes may include advertising management, brand strategy, development of applications for use on the web and mobile devices, economics and social media strategies.

In addition to developing critical thinking skills and learning how to guide businesses in the new world of digital media, students enrolled in an online MBA program may develop strong skills in the areas of time management. Program participants may also learn skills they can apply in real-world settings.

The cost of completing this type of program may vary considerably from one school to the next. Students who wish to study abroad may find it more cost effective to take an online course from a foreign country while staying home. Candidates are encouraged to contact the admissions office for the latest tuition information.

A graduate who holds an MBA in digital marketing may be surprised by the number of career opportunities available. Potential job titles include senior manager of e-commerce marketing, digital marketing strategist, executive in marketing and media strategy, brand licensing manager or business consultant. This field is growing and changing rapidly, and it is highly competitive, which gives graduates of an online MBA program an advantage when searching for a new position.

Starting a new educational adventure is an exciting step in one’s life. To explore your options for programs, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.