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19 Online Master Programs in Education Education Technology 2024



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Online Master Programs in Education Education Technology

Many students choose to pursue a master’s degree to gain higher-level professional training in a specific field. Master’s programs can usually be completed in two years of full-time study and may include classroom study, internships, online courses, or practicums.

For those students interested in careers in education, one question to ask may be “what is a Master in Education Technology”? An education technology master’s degree program teaches prospective educators how to effectively use technology to enhance learning in a classroom or training setting. This may include identifying the instructional potential of technology, developing plans and budgets to implement its use, and creating a curriculum to engage students with the technology. Master’s students in this field may also learn how to train others to use technology and how to use technology to create more universal accessibility to learning centers.

Those who succeed in completing a program in education technology often gain many practical skills. These may include the actual know-how needed to operate classroom technology, the ability to create technological solutions for an educational space, and public speaking skills.

A Master in Education Technology varies in cost according to where the program is located and the duration of the program. Oftentimes, costs are determined by the number of credits required for the degree.

With a degree in education technology, program graduates are usually well-suited to take up careers as instructional designers, curriculum specialists and developers, education consultants, or directors of classroom technology. Individuals may also benefit from studying education technology if they are interested in careers as business trainers, technology coaches, managers of e-learning programs, or researchers in e-learning and education technology.

Given the technological nature of this program, it is fitting that many institutions offer students more flexibility by providing the option to complete a Master of Education Technology online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.