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40 Online Master Programs in Technology Studies Computer Science 2024



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Online Master Programs in Technology Studies Computer Science

An online master’s degree is often used to follow up a bachelor’s degree. This program of study can take one to two years to complete. It may focus on the sciences or the arts, depending on the university attended.

What is an online Master in Computer Science? This program is often designed to give students a mastery of computers while also teaching necessary skills for today’s technology. This course may balance applied technical courses with the foundational theory needed to succeed. The required courses for the degree can vary but may include big data, high performance computing, web development and software engineering. Depending on the program, you may have to take courses in the core areas of computer systems, networks and architectures; algorithms; and programming.

Because computers are such a big part of life today, this type of degree can prepare students for a flourishing career. Many employers are looking for computer specialists and may even offer a higher salary or promotion to students with a Master in Computer Science.

The cost of an online master’s degree can depend on a variety of factors, including an institution’s prestige, a program’s duration and a course’s required textbooks. Finding an estimate can be hard, but you may be able to get a specific cost from the university you are thinking of attending.

With a Master in Computer Science under your belt, what kind of career could you be prepared for? This can depend on your previous education, prior experience and the fields you are interested in. However, many students with this education go on to become high-performance computing consultants, data analytics specialists and software engineers. You might even be able to use this degree as a stepping stone for higher education.

Once you have decided this is the right program, the next step is to apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.