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12 Online MA Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies 2024



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    Online MA Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies

    An online Master of Arts is an advance academic degree that often provides participants with an increased number of work opportunities. This postgraduate degree can be obtained through online classes, specializes in a specific field of study, and usually takes a few years to earn.

    What is an online MA in Peace and Conflict Studies? This postgraduate degree typically uses online coursework to teach students how to analyze the causes of conflict and implement positive social changes. Many people choose to specialize within this field in areas such as human rights, politics, religion or international relations. Classes focus on issues such as inequality, instability and violence and often require students to study local and global issues.

    There may be many benefits of earning an online MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. Students often obtain this degree with a much better understanding of global issues and methods to change the world for the better. Many find their knowledge concerning conflict and resolution strategies to be in high demand in a variety of professions.

    The cost of obtaining this degree varies from school to school and even country to country. It’s generally essential for interested students to research a school thoroughly and contact their admissions office for a realistic expectation of program prices.

    There are usually many potential career paths for someone with an online MA in History. Many graduates find themselves working in government or non-profit organizations. Others work for development agencies or become journalists. Some find work specific to their concentration, becoming human rights officers, conflict managers or psychologists. Opportunities range from local to international levels and can be found in both the public and private sector.

    If you are interested in making positive social changes, you may want to consider earning an online MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.