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MSc Accounting and Finance (CIMA Gateway)

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Aug 2024

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The MSc in Accounting and Finance offered by Westford Uni Online in collaboration with Abertay University is designed according to the standards and accredited by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). It focuses on strengthening managerial and leadership qualities into accounting and finance professionals who look forward to progressing in their careers.

While the programme covers fundamental concepts of accounting and finance, it also delves into managerial and leadership theories. Learners pursing this programme are expected to incorporate both – the practical and theoretical concepts, combining learnings from their field of expertise to the theories of management.

Other key concepts that will be addressed in this programme include, decision making; planning and strategizing. This will help professionals contribute towards the growth of their businesses or the organisations that they work with.

Evaluation of the programme will be based on assignments, presentations, and practical course work. Classroom examination may also be a part of the assessment criteria depending on the nature of the modules.

Westford Uni Online aims to create corporate-ready individuals who will be able to advance in their careers or implement their learning outcomes to self-owned businesses, yielding into professional growth. By the end of the degree course, learners will be able to:

Program Highlights

  • Develop a critical understanding of the basic concepts and theories of international financial reporting and analysis, and display thorough understanding of current developments in international accounting and reporting standards and procedures.
  • Examine contemporary advancements in strategic financial accounting, management accounting, and social, environmental, and sustainability accounting from a theoretical, practical, and historical perspective.
  • Efficiently collaborate with clients, consumers, and stakeholders in the development of marketing and e-business strategies for a variety of platforms.
  • Critically comprehend the basic concepts and theories of corporate finance and equity investments.
  • Use suitable strategic management accounting methodologies for strategic planning, control, and performance management, and analyse a company project to discover areas for improvement.
  • Identify, conceptualise, and define a research question(s) and justify its relevance to practice and its significance as a potential contribution to existing knowledge.
  • Critically analyse a variety of complicated scenarios and produce evidence-based solutions in the framework of key accounting and finance theories and strong organizational management principles, particularly in the field of financial and management accounting.
  • Effectively interpret, analyse, and convey knowledge and information utilizing a variety of analytical tools for presenting, discussing, and reviewing financial and accounting strategies in academic, professional, or practical situations, both individually and as part of a team.


The curriculum is created in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). The programme permits students to get a Master’s degree while simultaneously becoming a partially qualified management accountant, with exemptions from 11 out of 15 CIMA examinations. It also includes CIMA study help.

Achieving this master’s degree guarantees that you are partly CIMA qualified and can sit the remaining Strategic Case Study tests.

The MSc Accounting and Finance (CIMA Gateway) allows professionals to complete 3-4 years’ worth of education and certification within 1 year.

Why you should do this Program

Academic excellence

This MSc programme is taught through an amalgamation of academic modules, training for technical & soft skills and updating existing knowledge to meet present-day industry standards. It is designed in a manner that ensures professionals have the required knowledge and practice to progress in their careers. The curriculum is comprised of courses, that have international recognition. It is created as well as delivered by, prominent and qualified faculty members at Westford Uni Online. Degree programs are delivered with keen attention to high-quality teaching, ground-breaking research and extensive links with employers and business leaders in the UK and around the world.

Progression Opportunities

The modules and sessions address topics and cover study material that are deemed essential for professionals to further grow in their careers with updated knowledge and best practices applicable to the industry. Additionally, the degrees are widely recognised, which gives professionals an opportunity to bank on the credibility of the programme that they are pursuing. Many of Westford Uni Online’s students have attested to receiving promotions and acquiring senior managerial positions soon after completion of their MBA degrees with the institution.


There are four pillars of strength that Westford is founded upon-

  • Delivery of quality education
  • Accessibility
  • Credibility and
  • Affordability

Westford Uni Online offers flexible payment methods. These benefits are in addition to the various scholarships that can be availed at Westford Uni Online.

CIMA Accredited

Abertay University has collaborated with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), to assure the academic quality of the programme - MSc Accounting and Finance. CIMA is an awarding body in the UK that provides training and certification in management accounting and associated fields. It is aimed towards accountants working in the sector and offers members continuous assistance and training. Westford Uni Online takes keen interest in the quality of programme that is being offered and delivered to its students. Degrees with external accreditations further amplify the value of education received. They also open gates for students to expand their networks and become a part of a wider professional circle.



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