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University of Portsmouth Online MSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
University of Portsmouth Online

MSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

2 Years


Part time

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GBP 10,500

Distance Learning



As the world grows increasingly technology-reliant, cybersecurity and digital forensics have become recognised as two incredibly important areas for organisations to manage.

Cybersecurity differs significantly from cybercrime – with the latter being used to describe the illegal and/or harmful behaviours carried out online.

While students of our MSc Cybercrime will strive to understand the driving forces behind online criminal activity, cybersecurity deals with the process of predicting, avoiding, and reacting to these acts. With this Master’s course, you’ll also learn key techniques to investigate digital crimes and security breaches and help safeguard your organisation’s success.

Why this MSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics?

By taking this course, you’ll develop a systematic understanding of cybersecurity and forensics concepts, including how to securely protect and investigate an organisation’s digital assets and systems.

In addition to learning from our experienced academics, you’ll also be given remote access to our dedicated Forensic IT and Cyber Security laboratories. With this, you can gain firsthand experience with specialist software and forensic tools.

You’ll also have the opportunity to attend an online court hearing with a judge presiding as part of your assessments.

Our Master’s emphasis on providing students with real-world insights and practical skills will allow you to effectively and immediately apply your learnings to your career.

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