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UNINI México


The Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana ( UNINI México ) is conceived as an institution of higher education for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees whose objectives and guiding principles guarantee equal study opportunities for all people.

UNINI México born with an international vocation and is conceived as an observatory that analyzes the complex phenomenon of massification and global deployment of knowledge thanks to the opportunities and possibilities that arise from the use of new technologies, such as the Internet or mobile technologies, in the field of education.

It will be this analysis that will make it possible to put this knowledge in the hands of people through high-quality study programs, adapted to the training needs of each person. The International Ibero-American University ( UNINI México ) proposes:

  • A student-centered teaching model.
  • Technologies at the service of people and the development and growth of the country.
  • A human group of teachers, students and staff committed to learning.

In this way, the International Ibero-American University becomes a means to:

  • Seek the full training of the student in the desired training and prepare him as a global citizen in the use and through Information and Communication Technologies and the Internet.
  • Develop an academy and research in world-class distance studies in integration with culture, society, and business, expanding all technological, social, and business transfer relationships that support the development of the country.

The International Ibero-American University ( UNINI México ) is articulated as a space that accommodates critical, creative and innovative thinking of the processes of training, learning, and scientific, technological and social progress that allows society to provide the capacity for people, organizations and countries evolve by reconfiguring their global relations through the new social and technological means of interaction typical of a society that values information, promotes knowledge and coexists in communication.

The International Ibero-American University ( UNINI México ) considers evolution as a normal process of development and growth, giving special importance to the formation of people, considered global citizens:

  • Confident and prepared to contribute and be part of the new world systems and orders without any inclusion or exclusion towards and from each person and/or human organization.
  • Respectful of change and new forms of personal and social life that balance individual freedom with the collective, coherently unify the local with the global, and allow the development of each way of thinking that does not undermine any other or another.
  • Integrators and promoters with ethics and justice of the advancement of human sciences, arts, letters and techniques.

Areas of knowledge

The UNINI will contemplate areas of knowledge of great diversity, which will allow to contribute with relevance to the human, scientific and technological development of the society of the State of Campeche.

These areas are:

  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Projects
  • Engineering, Prevention, Quality
  • Teacher Training
  • Communication
  • tourism
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Information technology
  • Health, Nutrition and Sport
  • Law, Political Science


The mission of the International Ibero-American University is the creation and dissemination of knowledge without borders through a training offer that contributes to professional society:

  • Dynamic and proactive in the face of development and growth opportunities offered by society, science and technology for people, the country and the system of nations;
  • Competitive, ethical and reflective that allows them to face the national and international reality with the tools that allow them to develop within their fields and lines of specialization;
  • Committed and in solidarity with the economic, political, social and cultural development of their community, their country, their region and society with the sustainable use of the resources offered by the environment;
  • Informed, critical, creative, innovative, and aware of the responsibility they assume with the new knowledge they acquire and their contribution to projects that enhance the benefit of society.


To be a leading university in distance learning and to be recognized internationally.

The purpose of UNINI is to provide qualified training for and to the human resources demanded by the services, intellectual, productive and sustainable development sectors of the country, and that allows the projection of people and of the country itself towards the region and other countries with which relations are had or created, through integrated processes of teaching, research, social interaction and cultural dissemination, being able to carry out programs, projects, management and activities and any other act of entrepreneurship and/or innovation that are considered to achieve this objective. convenient in accordance with the statutes, regulations and rules of the university, the country, the international system of laws and good practices and responsible good behavior in scientific, technical and ethical matters.


  • Recognition and respect for all forms of global and local knowledge.
  • Support the development of people, institutions and organizations and nations.
  • Support people in their professional growth.
  • Promote excellence, quality and innovation in all areas of management and academics.
  • Promote sustainable development, social responsibility, and professional ethics.


  • Campeche

    Imi, 24560, Campeche