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Embark on a transformative journey with the University of Montana’s Summer Exploration, a two-week live-in program that offers high school students a life-changing experience. Engage with world-class faculty, explore the breathtaking landscapes and communities surrounding Missoula, Montana, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded students.

This program promises to provide students with infinite possibilities to discover their true potential and create a brighter future for themselves. Summer is the perfect time to explore Missoula. Located at the convergence of three rivers in the heart of western Montana's stunning natural landscape, Missoula offers a distinctive blend of outdoor adventure, artistic expression, and small-town charm. With a bustling downtown and majestic mountains to discover, there's always something exciting to experience in Missoula.

About the University

At UM, we approach everything with creativity because that’s what this evolving world needs. We are stewards of this place, its history, and our future. We are driving forward together, affecting change that is right for our place and people. We know of no better place than Montana and its university to make a lasting impact on the common good.

As Montana’s flagship university, we set a high bar for academic studies, creative accomplishments, and scientific exploration which benefit our students, our community, and the world at large.

The University draws a diverse, global population to Missoula – our home and the state’s second-largest city with about 80,000 residents – and helps cultivate an educated, engaged, and vibrant community. Our students receive a world-class education in a broad range of subjects that include the arts, sciences, trades, graduate and postdoctoral study, and professional training.

Our main campus, nestled in the heart of western Montana’s stunning natural landscape, spans 56 acres at the base of Mount Sentinel and along the Clark Fork River and includes the park-like Oval at the center of campus, more than 60 architecturally unique buildings and a 25,200-seat football stadium. UM's 180-acre South Campus offers student housing, a golf course, soccer fields, and an outdoor track facility. Missoula College occupies two sites, one just across the river from the main campus, and one on the southwest side of Missoula.

About Missoula

Describe missoula. It’s unique. In the best way.

Ask anyone who’s ever been here. They’ll tell you. this place is special. People surf on the river that runs through downtown. There’s an indoor wooden carousel that operates year-round. The city reminds dog owners not to let their pets chase wildlife. The native bull trout are treated like treasured heirlooms. Deer are just as common as squirrels (see: dog/wildlife). The summer farmer's markets span downtown. Breweries abound. So do art galleries. And then there are the mountains. They stand majestic, often covered in snow or wildflowers, all around us.

As a student, you can be a part of this special place. Whether you’re coming for your first visit, just arrived for first-year orientation, or are simply looking for things to do in between studies, we recommend you keep these links on your homepage:

  • Destination Missoula
  • Missoula Events

Mission statements

University of Montana - Missoula

The University of Montana transforms lives by providing high-quality and accessible education and by generating world-class research and creative scholarship in an exceptional place. We integrate the liberal arts and sciences into undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies to shape global citizens who are creative and agile learners committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge and building and sustaining diverse communities.

University of Montana, including Montana tech, university of montana - western, and Helena college

The University of Montana capitalizes on its unique strengths to create knowledge, provide an active learning environment for students, and offer programs and services responsive to the needs of Montana. The university delivers education and training on its four campuses and through telecommunications to sites inside and outside of Montana. With public expectations on the rise, the university asks its students, faculty, and staff to do and accomplish even more than they have in the past. The university has a commitment to education defined in the broadest sense as personal development and citizen preparation, workforce development and training, graduate education and research, service learning, and community building on and off the campuses. The university enhances its programs through continuous quality reviews for improvement and remains fully accountable to the citizenry through annual audits and performance evaluations.


Big things are happening at the University of Montana. We approach everything with creativity knowing it takes raw thought to boldly reinvent the world evolving around us. Apply to the University of Montana and find out how far you can go.

Welcome to undergraduate admissions at UM

No matter your career goal, joining the University of Montana community is the first step toward mastering success. Our admissions team is here to guide you on your journey. Whether you’re an incoming first-year student, transferring from another university, or joining us as an international student, um’s college admissions office is here to help you get started on a life-changing education.

Explore our undergraduate programs

At UM, we approach everything with creativity knowing it takes raw thought to boldly reinvent the world evolving around us. Grizzlies live and breathe creativity into every field and major. With experiential learning and service-learning opportunities, our students balance their time in the classroom with time out there in the real world — getting the kind of practical experience that deepens their understanding (and is valued by employers, too).

If you can dream it, you can research it at UM. We’re a top-tier R1 research institution and the sixth-fastest-growing research university in the United States. We’re known for everything from wildlife biology to creative writing, pharmacy to political science, business to climate change, neuroscience to music, and more.

Learn in the field, making a classroom of the 1.45+ million acres of wilderness that surround UM. Study abroad through global educational experiences that change the way you look at the world around you. Engage with faculty who know your name and connect you with opportunities and professional networks in Missoula and beyond.

Visa Requirements

All international students must have a valid passport to enter the United States as a student. As an international student, you must obey the immigration laws and regulations of the United States. You are responsible for learning, understanding, and obeying the U.S. laws and regulations that apply to you.

Scholarships and Funding

The UM Financial Aid Office administers new and continuing student scholarships available to students campus-wide. Additionally, most departments have scholarships that they administer as well. Financial Aid also posts information for some scholarships offered by external agencies.

Students are automatically evaluated for merit-based scholarships, such as the Montana Achievement Scholarship, when they apply. To be considered for these incoming merit scholarships, students must apply for admission by July 1st.

To maximize a student's funding it is best to begin researching scholarship opportunities in the fall for the following academic year. The majority of scholarship applications have a winter deadline. For example, the application deadline for campus-wide scholarships for continuing students is March 1

Alumni Statistics


The University of Montana is a special place, but you don't have to take our word for it. UM regularly earns recognition for its academic offerings, world-class faculty and beautiful campus. We also boast an impressive cache of alumni, whose diverse accomplishments and achievements represent the best of UM.


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