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Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Impact MBA in Sustainable Technologies, Green Energy, & AI
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Impact MBA in Sustainable Technologies, Green Energy, & AI


12 Months


Part time

EUR 307 / per month *

Distance Learning

* Starting at €307 per month.


Our MBA in Sustainable Technologies, Green Energy, & AI addresses the challenges and opportunities brought by climate change, economic shifts, and technological progress. This MBA prepares managers to lead the implementation of new AI and green energy solutions, transforming organizations towards greener operations in today's tech-driven world.

This sustainability-focused program is designed for future business managers and leaders who are passionate about integrating clean and renewable energy solutions into their business practices and models and harnessing the power of AI to drive the energy transition.

Throughout our MBA program, you will learn how to implement technological innovation in various business contexts, transforming organizations and industries towards more sustainable and green practices.

Through challenge-based learning, you will develop the tech-savviness and business innovation skills needed to drive technological advancements while fostering a deep commitment to creating a genuine environmental impact.

Program Highlights

Clean Energy: Understanding the conversion processes in renewable technologies like hydro, wind, and solar and their practical application in fields such as green mobility.

Human-AI Collaboration: Learning how to create and design systems in which humans and artificial intelligence work together to achieve common goals.

Tech & Sustainability Integration: Merging technological advancements with climate science principles for impactful business transformation.

Hands-On Green Tech Applications: Engaging in practical, real-world applications of green technology in close collaboration with industry leaders and partners.


Our commitment to 21st-century education is highlighted by our pursuit of excellence and accreditation. As an officially state-recognized private university in Germany, we are governed by the Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (HMWK). To uphold the highest standards of academic rigor, each of our study programs has received additional accreditation from its respective governing authority.


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