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Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences Impact MBA in New Work & Organizational Psychology
Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Impact MBA in New Work & Organizational Psychology


12 Months


Part time

EUR 307 / per month *

Distance Learning

* Starting at €307 per month.


Transform into a future-ready leader with our Impact MBA in New Work & Organizational Psychology, designed for the evolving landscape of modern work where psychological well-being and digital proficiency are key for business success.

This program equips you to excel in the dynamically changing business world, mastering the art of leading remote teams, embracing digital leadership, and fostering a culture of wellbeing in virtual work environments.

This program is perfect for those seeking to understand and thrive in settings characterized by digital transformation, remote work, and virtual team management.

Throughout this program you will learn about the psychological aspects of leadership, effective management of diverse teams, and the skills needed for digital and cultural transformations in the workplace.

Our challenge-based curriculum is designed to equip you with the expertise and skills to lead with mental health, diversity, and digital competencies at the forefront.

Program Highlights

Digital & Cultural Transformation: Learning how to manage, support and lead diverse teams in modern, digitally transformed work environments.

Diversity & Inclusion: Exploring how to foster a diverse and inclusive workforces, with actionable and measurable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals that drive sustainable business growth.

Psychological Health: Cultivating a deep understanding of the critical role of mental health in averting conflict and fostering harmonious interactions in new work designs.

Change management: Understanding the organizational and psychological demands of complex business transitions and new implementations.

Engaging in Practical, Real-World Projects: Growing a versatile skillset by tackling projects based in real-world scenarios, collaborating closely with industry mentors and partners.


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