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Texila American University Master of Business Administration
Texila American University

Master of Business Administration

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

USD 6,999 / per course *

Distance Learning

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UCAM is globally recognized and offers students an integral education based on the combination of in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and promotes a high-quality university education, with a representative presence in all continents.

UCAM is accredited by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority), ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain), and the Ministry of Education. It has a friendly and international environment in a beautiful Mediterranean framework.

The international vocation of Universidad Católica leads us to collaborate with universities from all corners of the planet, at every educational level: research, students, and professors exchange and create international master’s programs in management.

The various specializations are focused on helping students develop an awareness of administration and management. The management course is far-reaching and aims to equip the learners’ understanding and blend with strategic interventions.

UCAM offers various specialized MBAs through onsite and online learning platforms to professionals from multiple backgrounds to enhance their technical skills and content proficiency on management expertise.

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  • Fast Track 1 Year
  • Online Study Mode
  • Scholarship Options
  • European Accredited
  • World-class Faculty
  • Networking Opportunity

About the university

UCAM is a university with excellence based out of Murcia, Spain. Started in the year 1995, UCAM has an active student base of 17,0000 learners and has an academic staff of more than 1000. The MBA program at UCAM, Murcia, Spain is accredited by ANECA and UCAM is a member of ENQA, Universia and EUA. UCAM has a strategic partnership networks of more than 280 universities including Stanford, National University of Singapore and National Technological University. UCAM has a corporate strategic partnership with industry leaders including Coca Cola, Microsoft, Soft and SAP. Consider as university of sports, UCAM has more than 20 Olympiads as its alumni.

  • 9,404 Undergraduate Students (and 1st Cycle of LRU)
  • 10% International Students coming from the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe
  • 370 Partnerships with International Universities
  • 1,725 UCAM Degrees (Own Titles) Students


Program Tuition Fee

Program Admission Requirements

Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.

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