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Texila American University Doctor of Business Administration (Online)
Texila American University

Doctor of Business Administration (Online)

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Sep 2024

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The DBA program is for those who want to explore and use the maximum of one’s potential in a certain field of business. It is a two-year program (3.360 hours of study) that can be combined with work. A DBA candidate does fundamental research toward solving a practical issue in the business world. Typical DBA research topics are related to strategic management, marketing. finance. high-performance organizations, operations management, or the business environment. Typical outcomes are practical solutions with a real impact on the researched subject.

The DBA doctorate program features a thesis research project that emphasizes applied research to help you solve a real-world problem within your organization.

About Taksha Smart Labz

Taksha Smart Labz, an EdTech venture, was launched in USA with a vision to integrate and advance the teaching and learning through education technology for the students in need through a platform accessible to the global learning community. Over the years Smart Labz have evolved as a full-fledged technology platform with global partners, scaling 360-degree education to students from all across the world.

Smart Labz started as an alternative to more costly online tutoring platforms to provide an innovative online solution for school children to have access to live tutors for one-on-one help. Now it offers high school examination services in Caribbean countries, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia, along with USA.

Smart Labz evolved as an online program management company for global universities offering recruitment to graduation support to scale their business to countries globally. Services offered under Smart Labz are outlined in the table.

  • Fast Track 1 Year
  • Online Study Mode
  • Scholarship Options
  • European Accredited
  • World-class Faculty
  • Networking Opportunity
  • US-Accredited Degree

About Swiss School of Management

The Swiss School of Management (SSM) is a globally accredited (USA and Europe) private institute of higher education focused on cutting edge offerings allowing our students to deepen their knowledge in the functional areas of business. SSM transferred to Rome from Zurich to meld the quality of Swiss Education with the rich cultural heritage of Rome,

The Swiss School of Management aims to stimulate the thirst for your knowledge, build your confidence, and provide you with innovative classes and timely material. They offer a great variety of academic and professional courses and programs. A successful career demands a solid foundation of knowledge. That’s why they effectively teach business fundamentals and go one step further to ensure the development of you as a person and as a leader.

  • 40000+ Learners
  • 50% Average Salary Hike
  • 300+ Hiring Partners
  • 75+ Nationalities International Networking Opportunities


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