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Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations

Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations

Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations



The Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) is the leading source of expertise in the world of work, building effective and sustainable organizations, and the changing employment relationship. The school is comprised of two departments—one focused on all aspects of strategic human resource management and the other dedicated to the social science specialties related to labor studies and employment relations--with faculty from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

The Human Resource Management Department is focused on all aspects of strategic human resource management, including understanding the role of human resources in determining individual and organizational success and managing human resources in a global context. The Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department examines and teaches about all aspects of work and the employment relationships and in particular how collective representation and public policy can improve the well-being of workers.

In addition, SMLR provides many continuing education and certificate programs taught by world-class researchers and expert practitioners, .


SMLR was originally established by an act of the New Jersey legislature in 1947 as the Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR). Like its counterparts that were created in the other large industrial states at the same time, the Institute was chartered to promote new forms of labor-management cooperation following the industrial unrest at the end of World War II. It officially became a school at the flagship campus of the State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick/Piscataway in 1994.

Why Rutgers SMLR?

SMLR provides a unique learning experience, where you can:

  • Learn from highly cited and published faculty.
  • Experience innovative teaching methods.
  • Network with industry leaders.
  • Gain employment opportunities.

At A Glance

Students: 1,597 (full-time and part-time majors)

Faculty: 55 (full-time)


  • Three undergraduate degree programs with different focuses are offered, two B.A. programs in conjunction with the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences and a B.S. program, which can be completed online.
  • The school offers two highly respected master’s degrees: the Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) and the Master of Labor and Employment Relations (MLER). The faculty also administer a Ph.D. degree in industrial relations and human resources, with graduates going on to research and academic positions.
  • The school also offers graduate certificates in topics such as Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, and Leading Organizational Change.
  • Research that explores and anticipates the changing nature of the workplace is a key component of the school’s mission.
  • Several centers and programs that focus on leading research and improving the workforce. Continuing education programs include Labor Education Action Research Network (LEARN) and Rutgers executive and professional education.


  • Piscataway Township

    94, Rockafeller Rd, , Piscataway Township