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Pensacola State College Online

Pensacola State College Online

Pensacola State College Online


Pensacola State College has adopted the broad term, “eLearning” to refer to learning activities that utilize electronic technologies in general and the Internet in particular. The eLearning website is the focal point of Pensacola State College’s eLearning activities and serves as the gateway to Pensacola State College’s eLearning system called Canvas. Pensacola State College offers courses in several modalities, which all use an eLearning component and are described below.

Distance learning courses (also referred to as “online” courses) require no on-campus visits, and are asynchronous, which means students are not required to meet with their instructor online at specified dates or times throughout the semester. Distance learning courses are housed in Canvas, which is our online course management system. They have weekly schedules, login requirements, and assignment due dates that must be adhered to. Many instructors require proctored testing which may be monitored by a specific browser, a live person at a testing center, or another option. Your instructor will let you know how online exams will be proctored. When searching the Pensacola State College course schedule note that the class type for a distance learning course is “Web-based Course”.

Live Online courses are also online courses, but are synchronous, which means students ARE required to log on to the course site in Canvas to meet with the class at specific dates and times throughout the semester. These classes utilize the Zoom videoconferencing technology to construct a real-time learning environment for students and instructors. Students login to the course at regularly scheduled dates and times throughout the semester to “attend” class in this virtual classroom. Live Online classes are perfect for students who prefer real-time contact with an instructor but also wish to pursue their studies from a remote location. Reliable Internet access, a webcam, and microphone are required. When searching the Pensacola State College course schedule note that the class type for a live online course is “Live Online”.


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