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Who is Life Learning

Life Learning is a company of Edu-Tech, but not only. We are committed every day to the realization of the best possible learning experience, combining our teaching technology with the training programs of the best Italian coaches and training centers. Our goal is to create a unique tool for learning, teaching and building online education for the future.

Classical classroom training is outdated. We want to help you learn, breaking down the barriers of time and space forever.

Our mission

As a training center our goal is to train tomorrow's workers. We are redesigning the way to learn vertically, from bottom to top. Thanks to technology, our life becomes easier every day. This is why we are building the education the world needs. A new and definitive point of reference for learning, teaching and finding a job.

The classic education belongs to an old model of the last century. Help us build the formation of the future.

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    P.le G. Dalle Bande Nere 9, Milano, , Milan