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Kentucky Wesleyan College Online Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
Kentucky Wesleyan College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Owensboro, USA

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Sep 2024

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The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design online degree completion program is designed to help meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified and highly skilled professionals in the field of graphic design and other related fields. Students in this program complete a required core of art courses in which foundation principles of art and design are studied. After completing drawing and foundation design courses, students begin graphic design coursework that will focus on typography, branding design, publication, web design, animation and other advanced projects.

Graphic Design Online Degree Map

I. General Education
General Humanities (3 hours in history, 3 hours in religion)9 credit hours
Aesthetics (3 hours must be in literature)6 credit hours
Social Sciences (in 2 different subjects)6 credit hours
Physical Education and Health3 credit hours
Natural Sciences6 credit hours
Mathematics (College Algebra, or higher)3 credit hours
Communication Skills (2 English composition courses)6 credit hours
* A Multi-Cultural Studies requirement needs to be met.
Total General Education Credit Hours39 credit hours
II. Graphic Design Major Core Courses
ART 100Art Survey3 credit hours
ART 101Beginning Drawing3 credit hours
ART 210Graphic Design I3 credit hours
ART 211Graphic Design II3 credit hours
ART 278Digital Photographic Techniques3 credit hours
ART 310Graphic Design Topics3 credit hours
ART 311Graphic Design III3 credit hours
ART 382/383/384Upper-level ART History (Actual courses depend upon transfer courses and courses scheduled.)3 credit hours
ART 403Internship I3 credit hours
ART 403Internship II3 credit hours
ART 411Graphic Design IV-A3 credit hours
ART 411Graphic Design IV-B3 credit hours
ART 453Digital Painting3 credit hours
Total Graphic Design Major Credit Hours39 credit hours
III. General Electives
Total General Electives Hours42 credit hours
Minimum of 42 upper-level credits needed to graduate.
Total Hours Needed for Graduation (Minimum)
120 Credit Hours

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