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ISCTE Executive Education

ISCTE Executive Education


Having been the first Business School to train executives, associated with a university, to be born in Portugal is a fact since 1988. This fact was built, among others, by the unavoidable figure of Eduardo Gomes Cardoso.

Being the first to be created increases responsibility. But also the experience.

Being the first to be created adds to our history. And it is with it, and with experience, that we seek to create a future. We are not the first at all. No school is. But we believe that we are the first in the way of making singular and in several areas of knowledge. We are the first in the way we co-design programs and how we relate to companies and our participants and thus deliver. We are the first to connect with the immense real business base. We are certainly the first on the application side that characterizes us. And it is this application side that makes us subscribe to Real-Life Learning.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Be at the forefront of executive education when it comes to real-life solutions.

What is implied here is a clear focus on providing practical and applied solutions to real business problems. This must be the primary objective of our organization, a collective imperative that unites all of us in a common objective. We are obliged to provide more than one service for "providing real business solutions". It is our motto. We live and die for it.

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

Brooke Cagle / unsplash


Feeding talent and personal development

We accept newbies and assist in their personal development to bring out the best they have. We do this in full alignment with business and social objectives.

Promote organizational growth

We equip people with cutting-edge, personalized and applied knowledge, which leads to the systematic improvement of various business indicators.

Improve happiness and sense of accomplishment

We believe that "the person" is at the center of the organization and, therefore, the heart of the matter and the aim of the exercise is to make them happy and fulfilled.


  • We are faithful to our heritage.
  • We behave with integrity.
  • We are committed to excellence.
  • We aim to constantly improve.
  • We are passionate about ours.
  • We defend respect for individuals.
  • We promote relationships that last a lifetime.
  • We encourage innovation.
  • We circulate applied knowledge with stakeholders.
  • We celebrate together.


  • Lisbon

    INDEG ISCTE Executive Education, Avenida Professor Aníbal Bettencourt, , Lisbon