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Horizons University


Horizons University delivers high-level degrees From Bachelors with Doctorates.
Horizons University is registered in:

  • French Ministry of Education N° 0756324S - UAI N° 0451674A
  • Paris Regional Professional Training Control Department (number 11752996775)

And is a member of:

  • ECBE - European Council for Business Education accreditation (
  • ACBSP- Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • ASIC- Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • EADL- European Association for Distance Learning

About us

Our unique methodology will allow you to build the practical skills you need whether you come to study on campus or follow our online degree program!
You can earn the degree you need at your own pace with a highly qualified international faculty. Self-paced and instructor-led classes using the “hands-on” and cutting-edge methodology- our programs will give you the skills you need to reach your personal and professional objectives.

Our mission is to provide the educational experience that fits our students' needs in any part of the world and contribute to their personal and professional fulfillment.
We provide programs that are flexible in time, that take into account the person's experience and that are affordable. We are specialized in distant education but we also offer on-campus programs.

Campus Study

Our on-campus programs allow you to interact with faculty and other students during residency periods and complete your work online. It is another flexible solution that will certainly enhance your professional life.

Online Study

Our online programs allow you to work at your own pace while you keep your job and your activities. You can pursue a quality education without leaving home. This option is also less costly and available in any country in the world where you live.


  • Horizons University, 5 rue Conté Paris , 75003, Paris