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Harvard Business School Online Economics For Managers Course
Harvard Business School Online

Economics For Managers Course


8 Weeks


Part time

12 Sep 2024

18 Sep 2024

USD 1,850

Distance Learning


See the world through the lens of economics and gain the knowledge and skills to craft a successful business strategy

Understanding concepts of economics—willingness to pay any price, fixed versus variable costs, economies of scale—is critical to business success. This course starts with the fundamentals of supply and demand—where they come from and why they're central to an understanding of business. You will learn how businesses think about pricing and production and powerful ideas like complements and network effects that firms rely on to generate demand. This course also dives into the functioning of markets, the force of competition, and strategies for differentiation.

In the process of exploring these ideas, you will learn how to develop the beginnings of a competitive strategy that will lead to a business thriving over time.

Participating in Economics for Managers will allow you to:

  • Analyze the impact of market changes by constructing supply and demand curves
  • Determine a revenue-maximizing pricing strategy using the concept of elasticity
  • Evaluate techniques to learn about or increase demand
  • Perform a relative cost analysis
  • Examine the competitive landscape and market outcomes and forces
  • Assess monopolies, price discrimination, and differentiation

The HBS Online Advantage

  • World-class faculty
  • Edge-of-your-seat online learning
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Real-world, case-based learning

Harvard Business School Online offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital business concepts. Immerse yourself in real challenges faced by a diverse group of finance experts, including Rick Childs, Managing Member of 625 Ground Lessor LLC; Mike Even, former Global CIO for Citigroup Asset Management; Chris Hohn, founder of the Children’s Investment Fund; Henrik Poulsen, Chief Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer of PFA Asset Management; Dwight Scott, President of GSO Capital; Nikos Stathopoulos, Partner at BC Partners and Member of the BC Partners Executive Committee; and Matt Wilson, Co-Portfolio Manager and Managing Director of Oaktree Capital Management. Step into their shoes and wrestle with the same issues they faced, while engaging with fellow learners from around the world.

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