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Harley Oxford Mindfulness Diploma
Harley Oxford

Mindfulness Diploma

London, United Kingdom

12 Hours


Full time, Part time

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GBP 19 / per course

Distance Learning


  • Location: Online course
  • Certification: Included
  • Course Access: 12 Months
  • Exam Included: Yes
  • Entry Requirements: None
  • Compatibility: All major devices

This course provides a versatile way to study mindfulness, offering a detailed intro to the art of mindfulness and the physical and psychological advantages to those who practise it. If you’re aiming to comprehend more about mindfulness, and how it can fight the pressures of modern life, this online diploma course is for you.

What is the art of Mindfulness?

Modern life can be fast-paced, chaotic and difficult, which can contribute to anxiety, anxiety and other psychological health issues, in addition to a feeling of running out your depth or balancing excessive. Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice which involves focusing the mind on being totally present in the minute, comparable to meditation. It helps to fight concern, anxiety and obsessive thoughts with a calm awareness of environments.

Will this help me?

Many people can gain from practising mindfulness, but it’s a specifically good tool for those who wish to lead a calmer, more concentrated way of life and reduce tension and anxiety issues. As well as being useful for individual advantage, this diploma could likewise benefit those who want to get more information about mindfulness in an expert capability– those aiming to end up being a mindfulness trainer or hoping to use mindfulness in leadership, for instance. Moms and dads might likewise discover the conscious parenting topic useful. The versatile online learning format of this course makes it ideal for fitting around existing commitments, enabling trainees to operate at their own pace from any gadget with a web connection. It causes the award of a certificate to prove the achievement.

Essential learning points

Complete 12 hours of detailed modules to gain a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness, its advantages and how to put it into practice.

  • Gain a thorough overview of mindfulness, including its definition, origins and history, and its importance in everyday life.
  • Likewise, take a look at the Buddhist principle of mindfulness.
  • Understand meditation, including its definition, advantages and the physiology of meditation.
  • Research study mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), conscious extending including Hatha yoga, and how mindfulness-based treatments can assist anxiety and pain.
  • Take a look at mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and its use for cancer patients.
  • Study MBSR and MBCT as medical interventions for illnesses such as anxiety, and take a look at their core therapeutic parts.
  • Learn how mindfulness intervention treatments can benefit everyday life, including mindfulness and reactive behaviours.
  • Compare and contrast MBST and MBCT.
  • Gain an understanding of conscious parenting including its importance and crucial elements.
  • Look at the difference between mindfulness and meditation.
  • Research study mindfulness meditation practises.
  • Discover how to use mindfulness to reprogramme solid patterns of thinking and restructure the way you relate to yourself.
  • Research study the 4 essential tenets of mindfulness.
  • Dispel the typical misconceptions surrounding mindfulness and meditation.
  • Look at mindfulness application in daily life.
  • Research study various mindfulness meditation exercises, consisting of breathing, concentration and visualisation.
  • Take a look at progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Gain an understanding of applying mindfulness to management practises.

Advantages of the course

  • Short, informative modules make learning easy and fun. Take a 30 concern numerous option test to combine your learning.
  • The test is taken online at your convenience.
  • Earn a mindfulness diploma on completion of this course– this can be printed in the house or posted to you for a little cost.
  • Quickly fit the ten hours of study time around your other commitments.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness, finding out how to use it to your individual and expert life.
  • Abilities in mindfulness are an exceptional tool in combating the tension of a busy way of life.
  • Research study for your Mindfulness Diploma and benefit from a calmer, less stressful daily life.

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