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Creative. Connected. Courageous.

With more than 120 years of experience, professional facilities, teaching excellence, peerless connections and a vibrant creative community, we’re not afraid to do things differently. At Falmouth University, we’re rethinking the shape of higher education and delivering impactful research and innovation.

One of the most valuable commodities in the future economy, our focus on creativity means students, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators shape the world with out-of-the-box thinking.With industry links spanning the globe, we're a hub not just of creative innovation, but a place that celebrates and supports collaboration and transdisciplinary work with real reach.We're committed to pushing the limits of traditional boundaries and disciplines, meaning we’re working boldly, differently and disruptively to bring about new ideas, new ways of thinking and doing.
" Falmouth's enterprising dreamers will make the new rules and forge new careers. "

Dawn French, Chancellor

Doing it for real

Our industry connections, professional facilities, in-house agencies and challenge-led approach to teaching mean our students are doing it for real from day one.

We’re proud to work with some of the finest minds in their respective fields, and our students get to work with them too. Whether it’s paid opportunities through our agencies (such as Mayn), international placement or our programme of guest lecturers, we empower our students to carve out successful, entrepreneurial careers by giving them a head start in the industry.

We know that in today’s workplace, it’s important to be flexible. So in addition to our on-campus portfolio of degrees, we also offer online undergraduate and postgraduate courses that can be completed anywhere in the world and fit around a career or other responsibilities.

Research & Innovation

Our researchers work in an environment of Open Innovation to address the grand challenges of our age. This way of working encourages us to operate across disciplines, share ideas, stimulate invention and engage in entrepreneurial activities. It recognises that ideas come from many different sources and that we need to cooperate with partners from different sectors, with other businesses, markets and end-users.

Collaborating beyond boundaries

We believe collaboration is the catalyst for innovation and cultivating successful careers. That’s why we place an emphasis on working with peers, across disciplines and often hand-in-hand with industry partners.

Whether it’s alumni sharing professional opportunities with students, online learners connecting with the on-campus community or distinct disciplines colliding to create the unimaginable, tapping into our eclectic global community keeps us pushing beyond the realms of possibility.

We’re also committed to being an anchor institution in Cornwall and driving the growth of the regional economy. That means ensuring we’re working closely and strategically with Cornwall Council, the Local Enterprise Partnership and other local partners and industries. Visit our Working with Business page to find out how we're connecting with businesses and fuelling Cornwall's economy.


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