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Faculdade Santa Marcelina (FASM)

Faculdade Santa Marcelina (FASM)

Faculdade Santa Marcelina (FASM)


Meet the FASM

The Faculdade Santa Marcelina - FASM, as an Institution of Higher Education, has its foundation in Higher Education Legislation in Brazil and as a Catholic in the official documents of the Church at the universal level, especially in the Apostolic Constitution on universities and Catholic Colleges in the Apostolic Constitution the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II - Guidelines and Standards for Catholic universities and in the documents of the International Institute of the Sisters of Saint Marcellina, to develop their Christian educational activities, social and cultural. Since 1929, date of its founding, has played its mission, prioritizing option for young people, open to the needs of today's world. It was recognized by the Federal Decree 2.708 / 34. Under current legislation the Faculdade Santa Marcelina is recognized by Opinion No. 1,043 / 80 and by the Ministerial Decree No. 519 of August 31, 1981.

The FASM realizes its mission forming competent professionals for the development of scientific, technological, artistic, cultural, political and social activities.


The Marcelinas, in communion with the laity, are aimed at providing education, culture, health and social care excellence in the spirit of family, based on ethical values, moral and Christian, following the signs of the times.


Transform society in the light of the Gospel, and science as a tool and environment, offering the human being training in its entirety.


Faith in Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures Human dignity Loyalty and obedience to the Magisterium of the Church and the Congregation Life witness Family spirit Firmness and softness Ethics, truth and transparency Watch for signs of the times Unity in diversity


Action and contemplation Dedication and commitment Reception and care Fraternal coexistence Cooperation and detachment Simplicity and humility Fairness and honesty Life consistency Joy and enthusiasm in service Scientific and cultural update Professional competence Sustainability: economic, social and environmental


The Faculdade Santa Marcelina has two units: Partridges and Itaquera.


In Partridges, offers courses Fashion, Music, Visual Arts, International Relations, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor in Visual Arts. A graduate offers Fashion and Design courses; Design accessories; Perfume culture; Popular song: creation, music production and performance; Teaching / learning; Teaching Practice; Sculpture and installation; MBA in Strategy and Global Risks and MBA in Business Strategic Management.


Since 1999, FASM also active in the East Zone of São Paulo, in Itaquera. In this unit, the medical courses are held; Management; Accounting; Nursing; Nutrition; Nursing; Physiotherapy and Medical Radiology Technologist. In graduate school, they are offered Decisorial Comptroller courses; Quality management; Business management; Economic Financial Management Companies; Nursing Intensive Care; Nursing in Neonatology; Obstetric; Pediatric Nursing; Nursing Services Units management; Emergency and Urgency; Radiology; Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance; Radiation and Health.


  • Unidade Perdizes: Rua Dr. Emílio Ribas, 89 São Paulo | SP Unidade Itaquera: R.Cachoeira Utupanema, 40 São Paulo | SP, , São Paulo

  • Unidade Perdizes: Rua Dr. Emílio Ribas, 89 São Paulo | SP Unidade Itaquera: R.Cachoeira Utupanema, 40 São Paulo | SP, , São Paulo