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EIT Manufacturing – Masters

EIT Manufacturing – Masters

EIT Manufacturing – Masters


EIT Manufacturing (EITM) Master School is part of EIT Manufacturing, a European association of leading Universities, industries, and research centers linked to the manufacturing sector, with the aim of boosting European manufacturing to become globally competitive and sustainable for society. By bringing together the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’: business (large companies and SMEs), education institutions, and research centers, EITM wants to increase the cooperation and integration between education, business, and research.

EITM Master School offers a unique and excellent high education program, with an international and inclusion mindset, to graduate the next generation of Manufacturing Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

The EITM Master School programs are delivered by universities with the collaboration of industries, research centers, and the EITM ecosystem. The programs merge manufacturing technical and technological aspects with innovation and entrepreneurship teaching, in the context of the global societal challenges, such as circular economy, industrial innovation, sustainability, and so on. The EIT Manufacturing Master School adopts practical learning by doing approach, through activities at Teaching and Learning Factories, through internships, projects, and thesis at industrial premises, and through Innovation and entrepreneurship-focused Summer Schools, in order for the students to put immediately in practice the new knowledge, gathered in the class, in real work and research context. The international studies at two different universities and the interaction with the EIT Manufacturing community complement and complete the educational offer.

All the EITM Master School programs are double degrees and allow the students to develop:

  • Capability to implement engineering expertise and advanced technologies to create new or improved methods, techniques, products, and services in the manufacturing field, in line with the customer target sector and the global societal challenges.
  • Transversal skills and capabilities, such as constructive communication, leadership, complex problem setting, problem-solving and decision making, to collaborate in international and diverse contexts, to manage projects and teams, to find new solutions, and innovate the manufacturing offer.
  • Business understanding and entrepreneurship to boost their future careers and to create innovative start-ups.

The EITM Master School Programs are:

  • People and Robots for Sustainable Work
  • Additive Manufacture for Full Flexibility
  • Zero-Defect Manufacture for a Circular Economy
  • Platforms for digitalized value networks

At the end of their studies, the students receive two degrees directly from the universities and the EIT label certificate from EIT Manufacturing, as international recognition of their high-quality education curriculum.


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  • Christine-Touaillon-Straße,11/29, 1220, Vienna

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