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Main characteristics of our Distance MBA Master

The distance MBA Master is designed for the student to enhance and expand their knowledge in business management and management, offering a global vision of all functional areas.

The MBA responds to the growing demand by companies for professionals with leadership skills, strategic vision, adaptability to change and results orientation.

To make this possible, EAE has developed a flexible methodology in all its distance masters based on the development of competencies and the practical application of the knowledge acquired.

The Master MBA will put you in front of innovative companies with international projection

The phenomenon of globalization, together with the development of technology, has led to the emergence of new participants on the economic scene, which has caused changes in the management and administration models that existed until now.

The new paradigms seek a more efficient management of companies, in this context of change and transformation, training and updating of knowledge becomes a fundamental element for all those managers and professionals who want to continue leading their companies with a guarantee of success.

Likewise, the current situation is pushing organizations to look abroad to expand and diversify their markets in order to detect and take advantage of new business opportunities. A circumstance that forces companies to have professionals with extensive management knowledge and prepared to face these challenges.

The online or blended MBA program at EAE Business School has been specially designed to respond to this scenario. Based on a high-performance methodology and academic requirement, this master's degree provides experienced managers and entrepreneurs with the essential tools to lead the transformations of the business world, act in the face of change and function in increasingly competitive environments and markets.

For this, this MBA offers, from the managerial perspective, a global and strategic vision of the functional areas of the company and their interrelation, enriched with the networking established between the participants. At the same time, it offers you a wide range of resources that make this master's degree one of the most complete.

All this with the guarantee of EAE Business School, the second business school in Spain, according to the Merco 2019 Ranking, and one of the 30 main business schools in the world according to the American Economy Ranking 2017.

Advantages of studying this master's degree at EAE

Master in Online or Blended modalities

The EAE MBA in online and blended modalities is a flexible program adapted to the participant, who, depending on their needs or time availability, sets their pace of study and level of progression in the program. But it is not only a good alternative for active professionals who wish to continue training and do not have time, it is also a good alternative for young recent graduates who want to enter the labor market but at the same time find it necessary to continue training. These training modalities allow both activities to be compatible without having to discard one, as could happen if the MBA were carried out in person.

The MBA master's degree in online and blended modalities makes it possible to reconcile work and family with training.

The selection of resources that both modalities make available to the students of the MBA Master's degree facilitate the acquisition of the skills and competencies necessary to face the challenges of today's economy.

Online mode

The flexibility of schedules, monitoring and personalized attention, as well as the possibility of professional and personal conciliation have made this training modality a solid alternative to traditional face-to-face training.

Online programs and masters are currently those in greatest demand due to the advantages it offers and the good results obtained by its students.

The number of people in Spain who are trained with online programs has grown by more than 60% in recent years.

The training platform on which much of the work of the students of the online modality is articulated is the Virtual Campus.

Blended mode

The blended modality combines all the advantages of online training and face-to-face training through face-to-face sessions and other activities and resources of this modality.

  • Module Sessions

They are those related to the subjects of each module, which the student can attend once the corresponding module has finished. They are fundamentally practical in nature.

  • Masterclass sessions

Of a more transversal nature, due to the topics covered, than the module sessions, they are practical sessions open to all students, regardless of the module they are in.

  • One to One Tutorials

The student can take four individualized counseling sessions, in which they can choose to take a project tutorial, a coaching session or meet with an expert in a specific subject.

Why do an MBA Online?

Young people from all over the world choose to do an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to consolidate their knowledge of the business sector and catapult their professional careers towards success. The level of demand and specialization as well as its multidisciplinary nature make this master the best response to the demands and challenges faced by current business management and leadership. For this reason, the MBA program works in a practical and active way on the different trends of the economic environment, constantly changing due to technological and social advances. In addition, during the sessions of the Master in Management and Administration, the student becomes the center of the entire learning process with the aim of developing their social and resolution skills and the use of tools that complement their knowledge.

The active participatory methodology of MBAs allows students to learn to overcome challenges, work as a team and master digital resources, something that will help them face the challenges that arise in the future. In this way, someone who has a Master in Business Administration and Management in preparation will be able to find a job more aligned to their motivations and in a position of responsibility.

Why an MBA at EAE Distancia?

There are countless opinions from professionals and experts that refer to the advantages that the decision to study an MBA has for recently graduated and inexperienced students. However, there are different factors - not always financial - that make many students decide to postpone the decision to enroll, something that is a mistake. For example, many young recent graduates are aware of how difficult it is to reconcile work schedules with a Master in Business Administration and Management; or the fear of finding a job while doing the MBA and not being able to combine it with the course they have already started.

To avoid these problems of incompatibility of schedules when taking an MBA, whether the student is already working or finds a job once started, EAE Business School launched in 2004 a distance modality, for its programs, masters and MBA; Since then, thousands of students have made possible their dream of completing a Master in Management and Administration and being able to work at the same time. In addition, the market values very positively all those professionals who have been able to reconcile work with the study of management and business administration, but also that this MBA has been carried out in a non-face-to-face way, since that denotes the ability organization and effort for the work that this student has.

EAE Business School is considered the second best business school according to the 2019 MERCO Ranking. The flexibility of schedules offered by the EAE MBA in the non-face-to-face or blended modality is something that all students value very favorably. With the distance MBA, the uncertainty that exists once the degree is finished about what time availability you are going to have or where you are going to be in the medium or long term disappears. For this reason, completing a Master in Business Administration and Management at EAE is the best solution to successfully progress in your professional career. EAE Business School puts at the service of the student a follow-up, by phone, online campus or email, so that they interact whenever they need to with their teachers. Other benefits of the Master ADE are access to the job bank and internships, entrepreneurship support services or the possibility of finishing the master abroad. Establishing relationships and contacts between your colleagues will also help you develop networking situations in the future. Studying an MBA independently and autonomously is a clear example of commitment, perseverance and responsibility, qualities that are highly valued among top positions in 21st century companies.

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