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EAE | Programas Distancia Higher Sales and Marketing Course
EAE | Programas Distancia

Higher Sales and Marketing Course

Spain Online, Spain

9 Months


Part time

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Blended, Distance Learning


Main characteristics of our Online Sales and Marketing Course

Technological development and globalization have increased the number of markets in which companies can operate, but also the number of competitors to face. In this new economic and business environment, companies need to approach sales and marketing management from a more innovative perspective.

To respond to this need, EAE Business School, within our blended courses, has created the Online Sales and Marketing Course aimed at marketing professionals who need to successfully face the changes and challenges posed by new marketing trends.

The strategies you need to improve the income statement of a company

The Advanced Course in Marketing and Sales Management at EAE allows students to acquire a global vision of these two areas.

To manage demand efficiently, flexibly and innovatively, students will learn to apply new marketing strategies and analyze trends in national and international markets.

Advantages of studying this course at EAE

The Course in Sales and Marketing can be done in online and blended modalities, both of which stand out for their practical approach and flexibility that they offer to the student.

Online training is now a reality around the world and the number of people who are trained in online programs has not stopped growing in recent years.

Online mode

The student who carries out the program online has a Virtual Campus with all the material, resources and learning tools that will allow them to progress at their own pace in the content and knowledge offered by the course.

The Virtual Campus is the learning platform from which the work of the students is articulated.

Blended mode

The blended modality offers students the advantages of online and traditional face-to-face training, such as face-to-face sessions and other activities of this modality.

The face-to-face classes take place on the Barcelona and Madrid campuses, and the student can attend 20 sessions. Attending them allows the student to exchange or expand knowledge with other professionals, share experiences and create work groups with other students in the program.

  • Classes or face-to-face sessions

The face-to-face sessions are practical in nature and they combine the presentation of a topic by an expert with a participatory dynamic. This exclusive resource of the blended modality that contributes an added value to the training of the student since it allows them to expand their knowledge and share the learning process with other professionals.

The student has a virtual classroom that allows him to view all the planning of sessions and to confirm attendance to those that are of interest to him.

  • One to One Tutorials

They are activities of the blended modality that allow the student to deal with any academic aspect they need. You can choose between a coaching session, meeting with an expert or taking a project tutorial.


Accompaniment is, together with the resources and the Virtual Campus, one of the most outstanding aspects of the online and blended modalities of EAE. The accompaniment includes a set of personalized follow-up actions of a periodic nature that aim to help the student successfully complete the program.

To make this possible, two figures stand out in the teaching advisory team, the personal tutor and the facilitator.

  • Personal tutor

Reference person for the student, who helps in the organization and planning of the program, in addition to giving answers to all doubts and questions about the study or the subject.

  • Dynamizer

He / she is an expert in the field who solves the doubts raised, proposes the activities of practical application and sets the pace of study.

  • Preparation Groups

Their objective is to help the student pass the theoretical evaluations of each module. Throughout the year, different preparation groups are held for the same module, in this way it is easier for the student to enroll in them at any time throughout the course.

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