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EAE | Programas Distancia Course in Commercial and Sales Management
EAE | Programas Distancia

Course in Commercial and Sales Management

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Blended, Distance Learning


Main characteristics of our Course in Commercial Management

The commercial area is one of the fundamental pieces to achieve the economic objectives of the company, therefore it is always one of the most important departments of the company.

In a changing and global environment such as the current one, companies need to have prepared professionals, with commercial management capacity and who can successfully face the constant changes in the markets in which they operate and achieve the economic objectives set.

The Online Business Management Course, created within our training offer of superior programs, is aimed at professionals who wish to acquire the necessary business skills to be able to successfully face the challenges currently posed by business management in an organization.

The importance of the commercial department

It's no secret that technology today allows us to drive business growth at a rate that was unthinkable just a decade ago. And everything makes us think that this influence will increase in the coming years, and will even increase speed at an exponential rate. Planning, development, production, communication, marketing, management ... all vital areas of any company have been compromised and enhanced by the advancement of new technologies.

Of course, business management has not escaped this trend either. However, the central role of the commercial department in the life of a company has not changed. Why? Because it is this department that, when push comes to shove, will bring us back the public's response to our products or services, and will tell us which paths, detours or shortcuts we should follow. Given its importance, the need for training arises and the program was created to cover it.

The management of the Commercial department in any company is, therefore, key for the company itself. In addition to monetizing the work of the rest of the departments, the commercial agents are the image of the company. In that sense, they are essential when it comes to transmitting trust to customers.

Today, both the economy and the ways of doing business and engaging with customers are changing. In this context, personal business management has become very important.

Advantages of studying this higher program at EAE

The Higher Program in Business Management can be carried out online and blended, standing out in both cases for the flexibility it offers to students, an aspect that is increasingly valued.

Another factor that explains the success and growth of these training modalities is the high satisfaction rates shown by the students who are doing or who have done a program in a non-face-to-face way.

Online mode

Online training allows a quality response to the training needs of current professionals who do not have time to make training and profession compatible.

This training modality offers the student the possibility of taking the program from wherever they are, it will be enough to have a device with Internet access to access the Virtual Campus.

The campus is the learning platform from which all the student's work is articulated, as well as access to the resources and training tools made available to them.

Blended mode

The blended modality adds to the advantages of online training those of the traditional face-to-face, such as contact with teachers and other students of the program, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences or work in team.

Classes or face-to-face sessions

The blended student can attend 20 sessions or face-to-face classes. Of a practical and transversal nature, they deal with current affairs and management in which the presentation of a topic by an expert can be combined with teamwork.

One to One Tutorials

Individual tutorials in which the student chooses to attend a coaching session, meet with an expert or carry out a project tutorial. There are 4 tutorials that you can do throughout the program.


Accompaniment is, together with the resources and the Virtual Campus, one of the most outstanding aspects of the online and blended modalities of EAE. The accompaniment includes a set of personalized follow-up actions of a periodic nature that aim to help the student successfully complete the program.

To make this possible, two figures stand out in the teaching advisory team, the personal tutor and the facilitator.

Personal tutor

Reference person for the student, who helps in the organization and planning of the program, in addition to giving answers to all doubts and questions about the study or the subject.


He / she is an expert in the field who solves the doubts raised, proposes the activities of practical application and sets the pace of study.

Preparation Groups

Their objective is to help the student pass the theoretical evaluations of each module. Throughout the year, different preparation groups are held for the same module, in this way it is easier for the student to enroll in them at any time throughout the course.

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