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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 7 Online Courses Programs in Music 2023

7 Online Course Programs in Music 2023


A course is a short program that typically takes less than a year to complete. Courses generally focus on one main topic to provide in-depth study.

What is an online course in music? This course can enable a student to develop skills in performance, creation, composition or theory. Some courses may allow students to focus on a very specific area of music, such as studying a specific opera or examining a specific genre of music. Students may also learn how to play an instrument or complete vocal training through a music course, such as the history of hip hop, beginning voice, piano, music performance, music notation, singing in Italian and musical theory. Some courses may also focus on subjects such as conducting or technology in music.

Taking a course in music can allow students to develop skills or learn new skills to help them with their music goals. Students may also discover if this is a subject they would wish to study further in a degree program.

Costs of a course can be hard to determine due to variances. Different courses may be set up in varying ways, which can affect cost. In addition, general costs vary from school to school. The best cost estimate would be obtained directly from a school.

Students who complete a music course may be ready to find employment in the field, start an independent career or continue their education in a music degree program. Possible careers include writing film music, working in the record industry, performing in an orchestra, starting a career as a music artist, working as a DJ or starting a music company. Other career options may be found in music recording, radio, music journalism, church music performances, music industry merchandising or club entertainment services.

If you have a passion for music, then you might consider taking a music course. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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