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Online formats make it easier for many types of institutions to offer their classes to more students. It is such a popular form of instruction that some universities operate solely online.

What is an online course in international law? From large international non-government organizations (NGO's) to respected universities, many different types of organizations offer these courses. Some are short classes intended to introduce students to topics in the subject. These might cover principles of international relations alongside discussions of current legal events. Other courses are offered to qualified professionals such as licensed attorneys. These programs are likely to include classes on laws governing the oceans and the air, as well as the role of NGO's in the settlement of cross-border disputes. Other discussions often include international jurisdictions and the bases of international law.

Completing an introductory course could be an important step in affirming a decision to commit to study of international law, a plan that can require great academic rigor and significant resources to bring to fruition. Graduates of advanced programs can find themselves in a rare position to influence the laws and policies that govern nations.

Costs of these programs depend on the student and the institution. It often falls to the student to inquire about tuition during the application process.

International law firms and federal governments generally have an interest in hiring graduates of online international law degree programs. A junior associate in international business law at a private firm might handle and review documents pertaining to contracts and offers between companies. After gaining experience, these attorneys often have the opportunity to travel overseas. Graduates applying for jobs at national governments can look for positions in departments that handle interstate affairs or defense. These positions may come with higher levels of responsibility and access to more sensitive information earlier in a career than those in the private sector.

Studying international law online is a significant commitment of resources and time, so consider your options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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