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Academic courses are opportunities for students to expand their knowledge in a certain field of study, either for personal enrichment or toward the pursuit of a higher degree. Programs can range from weeks to months to years, depending on the field and the level of study.

You may ask, what is an online course in environmental economics? Environmental economics is the study of how environmental policy intersects with the global economy. Topics include climate regulations, public policy formation, economic theory and more. Some courses discuss how to create a more economically and environmentally sustainable planet, combining climate policy with global trade. In this rich, interdisciplinary field, students can learn new ways of quantifying the environment.

A course in environmental economics can provide students with global perspectives on environmental policy. This develops communication skills and critical thinking abilities, better equipping students with hirable qualities. Additionally, a course completion can better position students pursuing a higher degree.

The cost of an environmental economics course can vary from university to university. Generally, students can expect to pay per credit. However, tuition can differ greatly depending on the depth of the course, the course materials needed, and additional costs.

Though the completion of a course in environmental economics alone may not be enough to find a career in policy-making, it can set you on the right path. With further education, students may be able to find higher paying jobs in government and corporate policy-making positions, advising and implementing new regulations in environmental fields. Furthermore, many environmental economists go on to find work in international industries, providing environmental expertise from a global perspective.

Trying to find an online course in environmental economics that’s right for you? Find what piques your interest, and then apply. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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