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Best Universities for Online Programs in Netherlands 2023

Number of institutions: 110
    • Tilburg, Netherlands
    • Utrecht, Netherlands

    TIAS School for Business and Society is Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology's business school for executive education. This is a place for leaders, professionals and managers who want to make a change, just like you; to get the best out of themselves and create an impact within and with their organization.

    • Wageningen, Netherlands

    The Food Law and Regulatory Affairs Specialisation is a programme within the MSc Food Safety at Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands. The programme offers a unique approach to food law as it combines both technical and legal knowledge to advance students’ careers and contributions to the future casting legal changes in food systems. Students of a variety of backgrounds are welcome, including students with law, social and natural science backgrounds. Courses include EU and International Food Law, Comparative Food Law, Regulation and Legal Transformation of Food Systems, and many more! The unique combination of technical and legal knowledge provides our students with a set of skills that makes them competitive in today’s job market. Our graduates take a variety of career paths, including consultancy, governmental organizations (such as the EU, WHO, and FAO), food inspection services, law firms, and academia.

    • Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Bilbao, Spain
    • + 5 more

    The European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC) was established in 2020 with the aim of offering an inclusive education for a new generation of students. An alliance of 10 European universities based in post-industrial cities and funded by the European Commission, work hand-in-hand with city institutions to ensure that urban issues feed into teaching and research in a manner that is accessible and inclusive for all learners. The alliance is launching its first joint master degree in 2023 and is looking for students who will advance the post-industrial transformations of their cities and become highly-skilled graduates in new scientific disciplines that respond to the needs of the changing economy in Europe and around the world.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Breukelen, Netherlands

    Nyenrode Business University, the only private research (level) university in The Netherlands, was founded in 1946 by prominent business leaders of international corporations such as Philips, AkZo Nobel, and Unilever. With its core values of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Stewardship, Nyenrode develops leaders with the knowledge and necessary skillset to succeed in tomorrow’s international business world. Nyenrode offers intensive academic education as well as short-term and longer-term programs in the fields of business, management, accountancy, controlling, and fiscal law at two campus locations, Amsterdam and Breukelen.

    • Breda, Netherlands

    Breda University of Applied Sciences is a medium-sized, government-funded higher education institute. More than 7,000 Dutch and international students from some 100 countries are studying at our institute. We offer bachelor’s and master’s programs at professional and academic levels in the domains of Games, Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics, Built Environment, Tourism, and Leisure & Events.

    • Madrid, Spain
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • + 8 more

    IE University is a top international university in Spain with campuses in Madrid and Segovia. Recognized as one of the leading higher education institutions in the world, IE shapes leaders who drive innovation and change in organizations, providing a learning environment where technologies and diversity play a key role in fostering global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a humanistic approach.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam Business School is part of the highly ranked University of Amsterdam and offers several Executive programs in the Business and Finance field. The Executive Master in International Finance is Triple accredited and #2 in the FT ranking of 2021. Located in the heart of Amsterdam!

    • Haarlem, Netherlands

    The in collaboration established institution Haarlem Campus offers students innovative teaching and learning concepts that encourage professional and personal growth. Haarlem Campus has been established by two experienced higher education advocates. A leading network of private universities in Germany, the SRH Group, and a University of Applied Sciences called Global School for Entrepreneurship –fostering an agile, motivating, and innovative culture of learning. Decades of experience in education, research, and knowledge transfer within an entrepreneurial setting have led to optimized academic programs, designed to offer the best possible preparation for the desired field of work.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective, we help future managers achieve their full potential, with the right program and guidance every step of the way.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    VU Graduate Winter School is offering a series of one-week online courses from 10 to 14 January 2022. The winter programme is available to Master’s students, PhD candidates, and professionals. Whether you’re an aspiring data analyst with a passion for crunching numbers, a writer in the making, or an amateur philosopher with a hunger for tackling the big questions - we have something for you! There are 19 courses in total, each one covering a single topic in great depth.

    • The Hague, Netherlands
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Horeca is an abbreviation that stands for the hotel (Ho) restaurant (Re) cafe (Ca). The Horeca Academy was founded by the Dutch Horeca Academie. The Horeca Academie offers education and training for and by catering professionals. The Dutch Horeca Academie was founded in 2011. And is specialized in training chefs and catering professionals. In 2018, the Dutch Horeca Academy was the first in the Netherlands to introduce a chef’s training in English. This training is especially for people living in the Netherlands who do not yet have a good enough command of the Dutch language. In this way, everyone can receive a good education and master European cooking techniques.

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Thanks to years of experience and a broad network of shareholders, Inter College Business School excels at offering a practicality-oriented Business Administration program—for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. The Inter College Campus is situated in the old city center. It is located close to start-up companies, businesses, and cultural heritage. Study in Amsterdam is an exciting extra dimension to the Inter College experience and the 200+ students following the BBA programs often live in the city and combine their studies with business start-ups for which Amsterdam is famous. We are all about talent and decisiveness. To work hard and not give up. To fall and get up again. Inter College believes in talent and provides the right tools to convert that talent into decisiveness.

    • Vlissingen, Netherlands
    • Middelburg, Netherlands

    HZ University of Applied Sciences is located in the South-West of the Netherlands. With a population of some 4,800 national and international students, we are a small university with a personal approach. HZ offers high-quality study programs. Since 2011 - so for the past eleven years - HZ has been in the top three Dutch multidisciplinary universities of applied sciences.

    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Helsinki, Finland
    • + 5 more

    Our double degree programmes combine excellent technical education with training in innovation and entrepreneurship as well as internships at companies, industry partners and cities across Europe.

    • The Hague, Netherlands

    If you’re looking for a bachelor’s degree programme, then you’ve come to the right place at THUAS. We have over 65 bachelor’s degree programmes which vary in type and length. Most of them are four-year programmes, though some can be shortened to three years of study. A considerable number are taught in English. The variant that best suits you depends on your preferences and previous education. At the end of your journey, you’ll be awarded a university of applied sciences diploma.