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Best Universities for Online Programs in Germany 2024

Number of institutions: 11
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Geneva, Switzerland
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    Established in 1973, EU Business School (EU) is an international, professionally accredited, high-ranking business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, and Munich. We provide small, dynamic classes in English, with the best of both North American and European academic curricula. Our pragmatic approach to business education prepares students for a career in today’s rapidly evolving and globalized business world.

    • Riedlingen, Germany

    The state-recognised SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University specialises in online study options that accommodate working professionals. As a quality leader in distance learning, the university has developed a study model that offers maximum flexibility and guarantees excellent service. Our innovative online campus (E-Campus) serves as the hub for your studies, allowing you to succeed wherever and whenever it suits you, while managing work, training, family, or athletic commitments simultaneously.

    • Berlin, Germany

    As Germany's largest university, IU International University of Applied Sciences is home to a diverse student body exceeding 100,000 individuals from over 153 countries. IU stands out by offering state-accredited, high-quality Bachelor, Master, and MBA degree programs, all delivered in English, and characterized by an innovative approach. IU's programs are highly regarded, boasting an impressive recommendation rate of 96%. They are intentionally designed to provide students with unparalleled flexibility in their educational journey.

    • Lübeck, Germany

    The AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH runs part-time distance learning courses on behalf of international universities. International knowledge through professors based worldwide enriches AIHE's multicultural distance learning programmes. In exceptional cases, admission to the Master's programme is also possible without a first degree (without a Bachelor's degree).

    • Berlin, Germany

    As Germany's largest university, IU International University of Applied Sciences boasts a student community exceeding 100,000 individuals from over 153 countries. IU delivers a unique educational experience with state-accredited, high-caliber Bachelor, Master, and MBA degree programs, all conducted in English. IU's programs stand out with a remarkable recommendation rate of 96%, reflecting their commitment to flexible and personalized learning. Their fully integrated digital platform and innovative educational resources empower you to pursue a 100% online degree at your own pace.

    • Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany

    The Transcend Peace University, TPU is an all-online university, currently headed by Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung, widely recognized as the core founding-figure of the academic discipline of peace studies. Our inter-disciplinary courses are designed to cover issues pertaining to peace and development studies.

    • Boston, USA
    • Mexico City, Mexico
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    We create an environment where our partner schools have a chance to connect with talent at a powerful, personal level, and foster bonds with highly qualified candidates.

    • Wismar, Germany
    • Bangkok, Thailand
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    WINGS – Wismar International Graduation Services – a subsidiary company of Wismar University (Germany) - offers part-time programs and certified further education for professionals. The study programs are offered in the fields of economy, technology, and design through which you can gain a higher public education degree such as a Bachelor’s, Diploma, or Masters. WINGS was built upon this and was set up in 2004. The primary tasks are to develop, organize, and market part-time and further educational programs under the academic expertise of Wismar University.

    • Oldenburg, Germany

    The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg was founded in 1973, making it one of Germany‘s young universities. Its goal is to find answers to the major challenges society faces in the 21st century – through interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research. The pathways on the Oldenburg campus are short: the University‘s academic staff and administrative staff work closely together, using an interdisciplinary approach. Many are integrated into special research areas, research groups and European clusters of excellence.

    • Germany Online, Germany

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany
    • Aalen, Germany
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    The DIPLOMA University is a privately run, state recognized university of applied sciences located in the picturesque medieval city of Bad Sooden-Allendorf in North Hesse. The notation Bad identifies the city as a recognized spa destination with a long tradition in medical wellness and health treatment.