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56 Online Certificate Programs in Economic Studies 2024



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Online Certificate Programs in Economic Studies

A certificate furthers the education received through a bachelor’s or master's program, typically sponsored by an employer. It takes about a year to complete most certificate programs.

What is a certificate in economic studies? A certificate in economic studies shows mastery in the field of economics through a postgraduate class. Accounting, auditing and finance are some of the specializations under economic studies. These certificates teach detailed information on specific computer programs used for accounting and other economic work, leaving recipients more qualified for modern finance jobs. Microfinance is covered by many certificate programs because of its important role in small businesses with smaller-scale economic concerns.

A certificate in economic studies teaches students how to use computer software for better accounting techniques. Students often also learn basic legal codes related to business. This certificate also teaches the organizational skills that are critical to jobs in the field of economics.

Certificate courses for economic studies will vary by program and location. Researching a specific program and certificate will give the best estimation of cost.

Careers relevant to a certificate in economic studies are abundant. Some jobs that may benefit from this certification include accountant and business administrator, because of the specialized knowledge needed in practical economics. Experience using computer software in a financial context helps with obtaining a career in finance, as most of the work is computer-based, including payroll analyst. Payroll analysis typically requires working within a company database to analyze salaries and make predictions on the company budget. Compensation specialists have a similar job, assessing benefits packages and salaries to ensure they meet legal requirements and work within the company budget.

Obtaining a certificate in economic studies can be done at many universities and colleges. Other accredited institutions may also offer similar programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.